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It also creates an environment that supports their well -being in a way that reduces social, personal and economic harm. Some of the activities include proper handling of foods and drinks in restaurants, the establishment of smoke-free bylaws among others (Fielding et al. Health promotion has three elements that govern it. First is good governance for health. This means that this promotion requires the government to give health a priority by coming up with policies that support people's health by preventing them from being ill and protecting them from injuries. Others include stress management, safety courses, health fairs, child health and walking for fitness among many others. Promotion activities and services have in the past two decades improved tremendously in the American workplaces.

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Out of the survey carried out in 1985 by the national worksite, they discovered that about 66% of private companies having employees more than 50 offered one health promotion activity to their employees. This rate of health promotion service and activity delivery increased to 90% in 1999. The large companies having more than 750 employees were discovered to offer many health promotion services and activities (Balotti et al. This is of great importance since as the health of the employees is improved, the more the company gets more productive. It's like a give and takes case. Otherwise, where an employer does not mind the health of his or her workers by the provision of such services and activities, then he is not to blame when his work is unproductive and do not make progress.

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There is such a significant difference between small and large companies. This is because each company has a different number of workers, offer services at different capacities, make totally different amounts of profit. Research shows that though the Americans had greatly improved in adopting this program, the most percentage went to large companies. However, small companies fail to adopt this program since they are hindered by some of the factors affecting them (Tones et al. Some of the factors are funds. Most small companies provide the health promotion services to at least one of the employees. Some of the hindrances are that the companies find it hard to cater for all of the workers considering the amount of profit they earn.

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Legislation of tax credit should also be extended. Creation of support like in North Carolina whose main aim is to establish partnership all around the state to make sure the employees enjoy this health services. Other activities like training and pulling in resources all to extend these health promotion activities. A large company, on the other hand, has more than 500 employees making revenue of around 22. million Euros. Having received all this care, an employee has no choice other than working harder (Eertman et al. However, some recommendations have to be made to increase and improve access to these facilities. Those companies that do not offer such services should be advised on the importance of the provision of such activities and evidence given to them.

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Companies should also be mobilized to provide the facilities to more and more members for the benefit of all. As a professional heading in the right direction, it is invaluable to design a set of health wellness program goal and objectives. Straining the employees on the importance of campaigning for their rights and encouraging them to air out any kind of grievances where the appropriate action is taken. After setting those as my short-term objectives, I, therefore, come up with the long-term objectives basing them on the short-term objectives. If the outcome after carrying out the activities in my short-term objectives is promising, then supporting these companies is of great benefit. This can be done by generating funds through the help of the government to help finance them.

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Also the introduction of government-sponsored financial institutions that aid the company in times of money shortage is essential. A.  Delaware Law of Corporations and Business Organizations: Statutory Deskbook 2009 (Vol. Aspen Publishers Online. Eertmans, A. Baeyens, F. Green, J.  Health promotion: planning and strategies. Sage. World Health Organization.  The world health report 2000: health systems: improving performance.

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