Standardizing Data Collection and Communication in Health Care

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Improper collection of data will lead to poor input which will directly translate poor quality output. This paper will discuss and examine the inputs and outputs in a Logic model that will enhance communication by standardizing data collection methods which may include data collection methods such as manual data collection from ward-based sources or an electronic patient management program and circulate information necessary for patient evaluation and treatment, this will also be taking into full consideration of inpatient medical review for hospital to know the length of stay and discharge destination. In order to effectively implement the change, a clear and well- defined analysis of the organization’s present performance in managing communication is necessary for a productive and positive related result to be achieved.

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Part of this assessment is determining the possible barriers and identifying a possible solution in order to implement the proposed change. The need to standardize data and communicate effectively will contribute to a comprehensive analysis of patient behavior and it’s response to treatment. COMPUTER SERVICES Computer services which will include the use of excel will be required the input of consolidated data. The use of standardized data collection method and communication brought will bring significance in medical practice particularly in patient management, this is whereby the patients records will be readily available upon request and the patient will not have to take the whole day waiting for the services due to lost files or documentation which is an essential part of the patient records.

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Using this technology, it will bridge a better decision in the treatment of patients as the doctors or nurses will have the past and the current records of the patient, in case of any complication signs will be observed without going to the laboratory for tests which will be wasting of time since the doctors can observe the illness a revise the past medical records. STANDARD DATA SHEET Using a standard data sheet that will record patient’s progress while under care or observation is a recommendable plan for making sure that the patient is well taken care of and progress monitored for quality services, a very good example of this plan is a patient who is under checkup and he or will spend some time before coming to the facility for checkup, a standard worksheet will work best and recovering a document will be made easier because they will be readily available.

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An absence of a standardized data sheet may lead to errors in communication and may cause substantial clinical errors in patient care which will in return bring confusion which will result in the wrong prescription to patients. With constant redirection, 1 50% or below. Half of the time, patient exhibit constant behavior that affects his/her learning. When collecting data, the staff will focus on classifying observed behavior as participation, personal responsibility, and productivity in order to standardize data. IMPACT OF STAKEHOLDERS IN IMPLEMENTING THE PLAN The stakeholders of this plan are the organization staffs who are to take on this change plan and make sure that it is implemented. Corporation among the facility staff will harmonize this change as they will be able to do the job with full confidence and willingly collect data.

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The need for collaboration and cooperation by the staff to pursue this change proposal is the key to creating a standardized data collection for a better understanding of the patient’s response to treatment. It will only take less than half a month for the whole plan to be introduced and worked on without interfering with other organizational operations that the organization is undertaking. CONCLUSION In conclusion, the process of standardizing data collection and communication especially in the health sector the not as tedious as other areas in an organization, in an organization there must be a realized plan with the aim of meeting the objective of the organization itself. The same case applies to a health sector which deals with the life of human beings with delicate procedures; there is no room for mistakes because if for instance a patient is prescribed a different medical dose there will be adverse effects on his or her health due to a slight mistake.

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These are why of benefit to the entire organization to have an idea of a good data storage and collection system for quality and advanced conditions. Dykes, PhD, RN, FAAN, FACMI Sarah A. Collins, PhD, RN. Building Linkages between Nursing Care and Improved Patient Outcomes: The Role of Health Information Technology2012. Bryson, John M. Strategic planning for public and nonprofit organizations: A guide to strengthening and sustaining organizational achievement.

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