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Identifying issues using the SWOT analysis provides an organization’s marketing department with adequate marketing information that is currently in use. Nonetheless, such information requires critical interpretation hence the SWOT analysis offers a framework through which both the internal and external environments can be assessed. For instance, Hell’s pizza is incurring a problem in ensuring that pizza gets to the client on time, special those within a far range from a particular branch. In this case, one of the strengths of the business is that it has a delivery person who uses a bike, which is ideally easier to maneuver through traffic with as opposed to a standard car. Therefore, Hell’s Pizza should invest in extra delivery personnel such that when there is heavy traffic, the staff will not have to use their cars for delivery but instead the delivery persons with bikes will be able to get the product to the customers on time.

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Fuji asserts that a company can provide information on its production so that proper stock can be taken to determine a nucleus of the module which can further be developed to meet different customer specifications (2013). The organization is expected to share information pertaining demand or weekly production to the persons that are directly involved in the various organizational processes so as to attempt at increasing the inventory turnover. Moreover, such a strategy also aims at increasing cooperation between the target customers and persons in charge of service delivery. Noteworthy, one of the fundamental ways of strengthening customer relationships is setting up a website where a customer can post their views regarding the services offered to them. Also, it is important to ensure that there is an online help desk open for the customers.

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In this way, even for complex situations with a limited amount of time, the module can be used to narrow down to the issues with the greatest degrees of impact on the organization. The basic advantage of SWOT analysis is that it links an organizations environment with its strategic planning. Groose asserts that this in itself exposes an organization to two main disadvantages: the framework does not offer direct implications of specific extrinsic factors in regards to the direction of the business, also, the module tends to focus on incremental shifts in regards to a business’s direction in an era that is more characteristic of radical shifts (2000). Essentially, SWOT analysis conditions the direction of the business based on the threats and opportunities within the environment.

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Nonetheless, strategic planning has always been associated with efficient use of a business’ assets, which can be equated to effective utilization of existing skill sets and knowledge. Also, organizations have had to downsize and right-size as a means to increase their output with relatively fewer resources. According to Abraham, managers and executives within the business should facilitate strategic planning in such a way that corporate level, business level and, functional level strategies are outlined as a means of increasing overall success (2012). This book mainly focuses on business level strategies whose main focus is the competitors as an external factor within the environment. In this clause, managers and executives should determine segments within the strategic business unit, through which other environmental forces are competing with.

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Also, distinguishing between master strategies and grand strategies can enhance the strategic planning process. Additionally, Majumdar asserts that market researchers are devoted towards exploring through concepts hence this saves time and associated costs since more often very little is known about the problem (2007). In summary, it is recommended that Hell’s Pizza conducts an extensive SWOT analysis in such a way that different facets of the organization will be assessed. In this way, the business can also conduct market research to understand the needs of the clientele in such a way that the business can be customized to suit various market needs. Also, it is important to conduct strategic planning as part of the business so that emerging issues can be mitigated effectively.

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