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The research proposal will put into consideration the existing practices in the Home-health care agencies and if there is something different that can be done especially issues to deal with compliance with World Health Organization (WHO) as far as health and safety are concerned. The expected outcome at the end of the research should at least make people understand the relationship of the burnout or the high workload and the infection rate of patients. If it is true or otherwise, this research proposal test and verify the hypotheses and pave way for more research into the study, find out more, review the findings, present it for scrutiny and fine-tuning before the same can be applied or tried in the healthcare sector or any other industry that may be interested to know the effect of burnout and its association with the change in infections rate.

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Patients with heart failure problems need much attention because their condition is life-threatening. The nurses taking care of the said patients do more than they are required to ensure safety and recovery of the patients. We will critically analyze the literature and draw comparisons and criticism in relation to the study. Let us begin by analyzing the study by ICU Management and Practice (Galletta et al. They conducted a research on “Is Job burnout associated with infections?” This is in line with the third aim of this research proposal. The scholars found out the following: There was a high rate of healthcare-related infections exhibited by the ICU staff. Using sampling method and questionnaires as their tool for collecting data, their sample comprised of 3 nurses and a physician.

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For instance, when we talk about the prevalence of infections of home-health care the study only narrows down to the incompetence of the people surrounding the patients at home in the absence of the Home-health care providers. Touching on lack of resources to cover for emergencies. What if there was a fully committed home-based healthcare provider? Would there be cases of infection as previously noted? A study on burnout levels in Homecare healthcare providers does not talk about the workforce numbers. It does not give comparisons if there were to be a higher number of nurses in the Home-health care. How would they measure the workload with the knowledge of more number of nurses? Well, perhaps if they would have had another way of coming up with their findings.

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This research proposal will develop a different approach to conducting research. The first will be a practical method of control that will do the real experiments at Home-health care nurses with the patients, varying their numbers and recording their output versus the time. We will also improve on safety and health of the patients by eliminating or reducing hazards to reduce the infection rate of patients while conducting the study We have established that burnouts contribute to more infections of the patients and nurses. What we have not made clear is the effect of more number of nurses, handling a high workload and their association with the infections. This is what this research proposal will be seeking to cover and expand more on to add to the existing studies and enrich it further.

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