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Bondi Beach is a place that attracts a lot of people including tourists, hence; there is the possibility of more customers. Bondi is home to one of the biggest lifesaving clubs that is known for surfing, and only 30 minutes using public transport from the major Town Hall. Therefore, as one of the oldest club for swimming in Australia, it offers numerous rest areas, like the Bondi Baths and Bondi Icebergs. This location gives an opportunity for strong accomplishment. The Company At its initial stages, Stream Hill Hotel is a sole proprietorship that is owned by Joe Ericson, who is the founder and the president. The top management is the source of authority and will not only plan and coordinate functions but also set goals and policies that will deal with both the micro and macro environment (Copley, 2014).

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 A middle level comprising of the branch and department managers will mainly adhere to the top management and thus involved in organizational and directional functions. The operative level which involves the supervisors and the foreman personally will assign various tasks to the workers (Shakeshaft, 2004). Company Goals and Objectives The objectives of this company include the following: • To target and maintain a net profit that is around 60% annually. • To prepare and offer quality meals with exemplary services that are of affordable prices. Yet, the threats (medium to low) and weaknesses (medium) rest on the fact that this hotel is brand new, and so; in some way, the cuisine differs from that of conservative rivals. To address these threats and weaknesses, it all depends with the marketing strategy that has to be confronted strategically.

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The strengths of Stream Hill Hotel include; Provision of quality services to its customers, offering a wide variety of food and in a unique environment, and offering food that contains high nutritional values to suit the customers need. However, Stream Hill Hotel faces a number of weaknesses which include: Higher prices for advanced fast food and organic foods, limited possibilities of expansion, and presence of new and unknown brands (Lin, 2016). Stream Hill Hotel creates job opportunities to the teenagers and the middle-class population. Also, the threat of substitution is another force that Stream Hill Hotel tend to experience – medium to low. In this case, there is the likelihood of customers switching to the alternatives in response to the price change of services offered (Varelas & Georgopoulos, 2017).

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Lastly, but not the least, as a new entity, Stream Hill Hotel faces the threat of new entry. Yet, in order to erode profitability, the hotel purposes to act as a profitable market by attracting various people from diverse contexts. Besides, the hotel needs to have the durability to barriers by, for instance, having economies of scale and adequate capital requirements as this increases the profitability and reduces the competitive rate (Agyapong & Boamah, 2013). For a case in point, Stream Hill Hotel is required to have safety standards, labor laws, consumer and protection laws, etc. the figure below illustrates the Stream Hill Hotel’s PESTEL analysis. Overall Implementation Strategy The general strategy for effective implementation of this plan basically depends on the customer service and cost-effectiveness.

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It will be the implementation goal for Stream Hill Hotel to offer an ideal home-style food that is combined with unconventional customer service (Holcomb & Smith, 2017). As this strategic plan will be implemented, employees will be trained on customer perceptions, service attitudes, and how to address complaints from customers. doi. org/10. 19030/jabr. v29i2. 7654 Ben Aissa, S. SSRN Electronic Journal. http://dx. doi. org/10. 2139/ssrn. Hotel general managers’ perceptions of CSR culture: A research note.  Tourism and Hospitality Research, 17(4), 434-449. http://dx. doi. org/10. Cornell Hotel And Restaurant Administration Quarterly, 47(2), 155-173. http://dx. doi. org/10. 1177/0010880405281683 Lin, X. Cornell Hotel And Restaurant Administration Quarterly, 47(3), 210-223. http://dx. doi. org/10. 1177/0010880406289070 Safari, M. , & Taylor, R. Ethics, values, and organizational justice: Individuals, organizations, and beyond.  Journal of Business Ethics, 130(3), 727-736.

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