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Consumers belong to various groups which dictate their views and the way they choose to live their lives. They choose things that they believe are a representation of their standards. Advertisers who are smart in their work associate their products or services with groups that the market targeted admires. People buy things because of the self-concept and the connection these things bring to them. Through this knowledge, the advertisers use group influence in boosting their sales (Jayne,2019). Customers behavior may be influenced negatively or positively by these groups. Theories of group behaviors and influences One of the theory that affects the consumer behavior is the Deindividuation theory whereby a person loses their individuality and instead of acting as personally, they get lost in-group thinking.

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Such kind of people go along with whatever the group is thinking. It occurs mostly when people are trying to catch up with trends in clothes and shoes where one gets influenced to buy because the group is doing so and not because he or she likes the commodity (LumenCandela,2018). An individual affected by the influence of this theory will buy things that he or she do not really need so as to satisfy the group thinking. There are many factors, which sometimes are completely unrelated to the issues that could be most important to the consumer that they ignore. Consumer choice is influenced by many factors that seem of value to the them and what they believe about the product.

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The consumer believe is often so strong that in most cases it overrides their personal experiences. A buyer, for instance, would in most cases prefer buying wine and beverages from bottles that deem to be expensive despite the bottle having no relation with the taste or the quality of the wine (Jon,2015). The customer insights largely determine whether the individual will be interested in the products or not. The consumer behavior is therefore largely informed by other external factors such as the belief and the perception he has toward the product rather than rational thinking of the consumer. In organizational buying behavior, many people are involved in making decisions and the buyer uses rationality and quantitative criteria when making decisions. The decisions are usually made by members of a group who are informed by decisions that are critically analyzed by other people unlike in personal buying.

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It often involves analysis of various decisions and not just acting from a basis of perception and beliefs where several factors are analyzed rationally before a final decision is made. Decisions making in organizational buying behaviors are made by groups of people and consists procedure that must be followed unlike in consumer buying process whereby the decisions are made based on feeling and perception. Marketing sometimes cause a consumer to behave in a way that is against the general rules and codes that are acceptable and expected of the consumers while purchasing goods and services. Customer misbehavior may be in form of both physical and verbal abuse (Moore,2015). The fact that most of the marketers do not focus on the reasons why the consumers engage into activities such as shoplifting make the consumers to continue engaging in these misbehaviors.

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Consumers are likely to choose some brands just because they are advertised more than the other and tend to trust some brands because of the type of advertisement used. They are also likely to be attracted to companies with better blogs and advertising content that is more appealing. Marketing of products is really important in meeting the expectations of a customer as it gives him/her a chance to analyze the needs and desire from a variety of products they are interested in buying. Although customers are more influenced by the appearance of the advertisement and the kind of marketing that companies use, marketing is meant to help the consumers to make decisions that are more qualitative and more informed. Through Marketing the marketers strive to give an impression that the value of the product or service advertised is better and higher than that of the other brands hence this raises the expectation of the consumer towards a product.

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