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The company is one of the most profitable companies in the world, a leader in its industry in the United States and in 2018, the company was referred to as the third biggest in the world in terms of consumer base. The reason for this success can directly be traced to the leadership style and how the company has adopted to the dynamics and rapid changes that characterize the technology market. Rationale of the research problem The reason for researching this topic is so as to determine just how much the leadership style adopted by Apple's CEOs has contributed to the success of the company and also determine how managing change in the organization has influenced the success that the company continues to enjoy, decades after the company was started.

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Research Aim The aim of this research therefore is to determine how different leadership styles by Steve Job and Tim Cook have ensured that the company has remained ahead of the competition and has continually achieved the set the goals that the company has set for itself. In addition to this, the research will look into how the company's leadership has approached the need to change and how the company has managed to change with the ever changing business environment so as to cope with market forces and ever increasing competition. The paper will also explore different management styles used by Steve Jobs and Tim Cook, how different they are but ultimately how all of them have been successful in ensuring the success of the company.

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This will benefit companies that are shy away from changing management styles that may not be as effective for the company and show that while management styles can be radically different, they can also push the company towards success. Literature Review Steve Jobs and Tim Cook are the only CEOs that the Apple Inc. has ever had. The two leaders have always adopted different leadership styles and both of these styles have contributed to the success of the company. Katzenback (2012) suggests opines that the Steve Jobs method of leadership was what apple needed at the time and Tim Cook's form of leadership is what is needed at this time. The change in leadership has catapulted the company to levels of success that both leaders only imagined, but could not have achieved if their leadership periods were exchanged.

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Katzenback (2012) explains that the need of organizational change should not always be internal to the company but external. She explains that most companies look inwards to before determining the time of leadership change. Katzenback (2012) explains that market factors alone could be reason enough to warrant change in that different leaders could be successful in one market environment and not as successful in another. This is especially the case when it came to company leadership and Tim Cook was taking over from Steve Jobs. Jobs famously took the position that innovation should always be the priority of the company. Jobs espoused this idea and this reflected in the managerial role especially around the time when there was new product roll outs. Anerson argues that investors were scared of the changes that Tim Cook would bring with his approach of focusing on the already determined strengths of the company and his lack of drive of innovative drive possessed by his predecessor.

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This text asserts that Tim Cook's thoughts on rapid innovation is that the company can only make a few excellent products at a time. The external environment necessitated the need for change and the change management styles that the company has adopted during the regimes of both the CEOs. In conclusion, all the literature analyzed for this paper point to the fact that the leadership styles and change management techniques adopted by Apple Inc. have contributed largely to the success of the company and its positioning in the market place. Competitors to Apple that have failed to change and adapt with the every dynamic market of technology often lag behind or fail completely after becoming obsolete. The leadership styles that were adopted by both Steve Jobs and Tim Cook were different but both suited to navigate the challenges presented by the market place successfully.

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