How To Improve Recruitment at Tesco

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This will give Tesco a perspective to their problem. At the same time expose them to the recruitment technologies available and their potential impact as a solution to the company. The company system of recruitment strategy is redundant and that the possible solution is adopting the online recruitment systems. Keywords: Recruitment strategy, employee talent pipeline, constant recruitment evaluation Table of Contents 1. Introduction 3 1. Problem statement 3 1. The motivation of the study 4 1. The significance of the Study. Research question 4 1. Research Objectives 4 2. Literature Review 5 3. Methodology 6 3. Research Philosophy and Approach 6 3. Ethics 7 4. Case Study 7 5. Results and Findings 9 References 11 1. Introduction Tesco is among the top most established chain store, in the world. The company has branches in most countries within Europe and part of Asia. The company specializes in grocery and merchandise sales and delivers. Having its headquarters in London, most of the operations of the organization are managed by the headquarter. The decisions and implementations are designed in Walwyn Garden, London England, then they trickle down to the branches throughout the continent. All the management branches for all the departments of the organization are stationed at the headquarter. With special reference to the human resource department, the process of hiring has been slow and a little less effective. The organization is still using the conventional methods of recruiting staffs, this is slowing down most of the operations of the organization, posing a great to the organization's ability to adjusts, to the contemporary trends. This research paper will evaluate the main challenge of the recruitment policies and programs and recommend suitable approaches remedy the challenge.

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The significance of the Study. This study will identify the main conventional components the lag the recruitment process. At the same time identify the available techniques and technologies they can be used to remedy the challenge the is limiting the potentials of the organization. The study will open doors to global computation when more effective technologies are identified and employed. Research question How can the recruitment process at Tesco be improved? 1. for the ones they do not have, the recruitment process is adjusted to accommodate the new concepts (Das& Ahmed, 2015). This approach will ensure that the candidates are evaluated effectively by employing a review mechanism for their respective work samples and assignments, test trials and oral and semi oral interviews. To emphasize the need for reviewing the recruitment strategy as often as possible is the.

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The growth of the organization depends on it. This is to say the in the information-driven business environment the is available today. Research Philosophy and Approach This is generally the belief and the opinions of the stakeholders regarding the knowledge base and awareness of the truth as used during the process of structuring and conducting the research. The most amicable approach to this research is to use Interpretivism(Sparrow et al. This approach applies research methods such as text and data analysis, conducting interviews,and most importantly the observation. Some aspects of positivism will as well be used to gather factual data from the employees that have gone through the existing system (Robinson, 2014). The questionnaire will capture their opinions on the current recruitment system, and how effective do they find the system.

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Only the useful factors will be used, for example, the operational improvements and the recruitment strategy dynamics. Case Study In this case study, we will analyze the recruitment strategy as employed in the in tow departments, that is the operations department and the supply chain management. the operations department is one of the department the experiences significant change in the employees because people leave and new employees and brought in much frequently. The focus of this case study is how frequent are achange made in the recruitment strategyand how effective are the changes with regards to the operations of the departments. Fig 1: Gantt Chart for Basic Recruitment Process Table 1: Quality assessment of the RecruitmentStrategy. The main limitation of this study is lack of corporation by companies in realizing the effect of the systems they have employed in relation to the operational outcomes References Assimakopoulos, C.

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Antoniadis, I. Kayas, O. G. Dvizac, D. C. Ahmed, I. Z. The perception of employer brand to enhance recruitment and selection processes.  Perception, 6(6).  Qualitative Research in Psychology, 11(1), 25-41. Sparrow, P. Hird, M. Cooper, C. L.

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