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Human resource function alignment enhances the productivity of the employees, through strategies like employee motivation. Also, it helps in the improvement of the performance of the business as well as the company's cultural development, which in return fosters more employee innovation (Lin & Sanders, 2017). Function alignment also leads to the development of more skilled employees that hence become committed to working, therefore, providing for more comfortable flexibility together with compelling competitive advantage in the company. Impact of current global conditions in Maersk’s industry to HR practice Maersk’s Industry exists as a global company, which comprises of international relations between different companies in different countries. The department needs to highly evaluate both the normal internal or external situations that may lead to failure of the organization (Lin & Sanders, 2017).

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However, in external recruitment more method get involved, for instance in the advertising, arrangement of interviews and the fact that there exists a large pool of applicants to choose. When a company recruits internally, they already have an assurance of the work performance of the selected candidate as well as the capabilities, while in the external recruitment that remains unguaranteed. In external recruitment, assessing the candidate remains difficult as they exist no tangible proof of the candidates work experience. In comparison both the two categories involve evaluating the candidates, through interviewing and finally selecting the most qualified. The internal recruitment process used by the company remained as its baseline of success. Due to the split of the general Maersk, the strategic and organizational analysis was also undertaken to provide on where much training would get put on as the business unit started to merge with other companies in shipping.

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Explain the importance of developing learning activities The learning activities designed by Maersk remain of concern to the organization since through it the employees have excellent chances of acquiring the best skills. Through the acquired skills the operations in the organization have remained on a high note since the employees work perfectly as according to the given knowledge from the organization. The learning activities help in making the training more interesting as well as increasing the employees' motivation to learn more. Also, they help in allowing the employees to get the required skills and knowledge in their expected operations and more so transferring the experience and the skills acquired from the training into the efficient use. Realistic means that, the set goals and objectives of the training plan should remain attainable by the specified individuals through a particular plan.

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Hence, the goals should not occur overrated or exaggerated since that would only lead to failure of the whole process. Finally, the set goals should remain timely, through this, organizations should set a specified time in which they hope to have completed the training to avoid wastage of time as well as putting more resources on a single invention. Compensation Compensation policy A compensation policy remains as statement documentary that provides the organization’s position in the employee compensation progress. The procedure entails the official as well as the discussed and agreed on the way of paying the employees as the paying strategy. Also, the advantage helps in matching the competitor benefits as when offering the benefits; it remains easy to attract qualified personnel as well as retain the best employees and hence keeps the organization ahead of others.

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Evaluation HRM’s role in the performance management process Human Resource Management provides a range of ways in which the performance management process gets undertaken in an organization through the various specified process (Bobinski, 2018). The HRM, however, have the responsibility of ensuring that the processes align with the organization strategic plan to bring in success in the organization. The role of the HRM remains as acting as a mediator between the employees and the managers the review their work. Hence the HRM department has a range of tasks to undertake to ensure the organization remains running correctly. That means that in result based there exists the tangible proof of how to assess the employee. Best suited appraisal In any organization, the best performance appraisal system would have to get evaluated depending on the organizational operations.

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The appraisal system chosen has to provide a perfect way in which the managers can efficiently assess the employee depending on the activity given. For instance, in result-based performance appraisal system, the managers can evaluate the workings of the employee in how many clients the employee helps and how many transactions the employee completes successfully. Since the vacancy posted in the Maersk exists as a work-based job, that is the job involves managing transactions from clients. Through this rating scale, the managers can quickly know the level of the employee in performance. In descriptive rating scale, quantifying of production by the evaluator remains low, and hence the appraiser does not experience any force to quantify performance. References Eduardo Grijalva, P.  The Importance of S.

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