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The process of hiring employees in the health sector required the human resource department to identify and develop employees with skills that are not learnt in school. Healthcare has changed from volume-based service delivery to the quality-based system. This essay is a proposal on the strategy and training programs required to hire human resource staff in a healthcare company. The process of hiring new employees into a company takes three phases, which include planning, recruiting and selecting. The first step is to identify a vacancy and evaluate the need for an employee at the position. Step six of the process is reviewing the applicant’s resumes and selecting a group, which probably fits the job. Step seven is conducting the interview.

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This is the important part of the selection. It can be done through a panel, testing or any other preferable methods (Bratton et al, 2012). The next step will be selecting the hire and contacting references. New HR officers also receive role-playing training before they join the company. In this training, the manager has to play the role of the employee in the duties they are supposed to undertake and how they are supposed to interact with the other employees. In this case, the new staff is supposed to undertake the roles of a human resource officer. The main aim of this training strategy is to help the new employee learn their duties. The main role of this department is to run employee administrative affairs.

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To achieve this, the trainer has to encourage the employee on self-direction towards a goal. The second strategy is making the training process practical, avoid lecturing the employees because they are easily bored and disengaged. This strategy will require one to identify whether the employee is the type who study through observation or videos. Another way to make them participate is creating scenarios and simulations, which make the process very interactive. This process enables new employees to retain more information because they apply the skills they have learnt (Elnaga & Imran, 2013). The human resource manager is tasked with the duty to ensure that the company is in line with the laws and regulations. The new employee has to work hard to cover and understand each bit if this regulation.

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To help the employee learn fast, they can work closely with the company lawyers (Gittell et al, 2013). Additionally, they can join a training program, which will help them understand each part of the rules in healthcare. The new employee should also participate in the training of another employee to help them understand how to work under new regulations to avoid sanctions through Medicare and Medicaid. uml-diagrams. org/examples/use-case-example-hospital-reception. png http://media. springernature. com/full/springer-static/image/art%3A10. Let them know the missions and goals of the facility; this makes them have a sense of belonging. Lastly, always communicate with the employee and give feedback about the accomplishments that the facility has made. References Bratton, J. , & Gold, J.  Human resource management: theory and practice.

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