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International business gives people the ability to showcase their skills and compete against other international companies in the same line of business. This paper seeks to give an in depth analysis about Heineken as an international beer company and find out more of what is required of a person with a marketing and sales career. Heineken is an international beer company that was founded in 1864 by Heineken N. V. and over the years, the company has witnessed tremendous growth globally. How has the company managed to survive all these years? What makes their product different and unique from all the others? How are they able to maintain a stable market despite having a lot of new brands in the market? How would my knowledge on marketing be used to help the company achieve its goals? The reason I am focusing on Heineken as an international company is because its presence is felt worldwide and the brand has gained a lot of consumer presence through the years despite having worthy competitors.

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The marketing strategies used by this company are the ones that have helped Heineken as a brand to be on the global map. Heineken beer was strategized to be globally available and have consistent taste that is superior to other brands. The brand also ensured that it identified the appropriate niche market for its products. It targeted consumers that were in their middle ages, the young adults and also ensured that the color of the bottle used to package the beer was unique by itself. These are some of the very important and informative points that made me want to focus on Australia as a region. As a professional marketer, I would use my skills to help the company achieve its long term goals.

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For a company that has been in the market for decades, its main goal is to maintain its market share despite the environmental factors that might affect the business. This means that consumers in that market have to be loyal to the Heineken brand and this can only be done if their products are much better than others. As a professional marketer I would suggest that new products are released into this market from time to time. The growth of the beer industry simply means that Heineken is going to maintain its position in the industry as long as it is up to date. Despite the expected growth of the beer industry, Heineken may be faced with marketing issues that may affect the business both positively and negatively.

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Looking back at what had caused the drop in sales two years back in Australia, the major reason was because of the high levels of competition. When the competition is high, there may be a reduction in sales of the product because of the availability of substitutes. If Heineken as a brand increases its prices for their beers, people are set to move to a substitute especially in places where elasticity is elastic. Nowadays, retail stores are being used as distribution channels. People are no longer inclined to go to the bar in order to have a drink. This is proving to be a costly affair especially to the manufacturers of the beer because retail stores order the beer at a smaller price compared to that of bars (Sanger, 14).

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