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The nature of the company’s business involves delivery of the company’s own branded food, clothes and other home products such as furniture and fittings. Besides the store is a public listed company in the United Kingdom. In the United Kingdom alone the company has close to a thousand outlets. For international strategies, the company owns stores in Asia, Africa among other areas of the world. The company’s primary market is the United Kingdom and Ireland. , 2017) During the peak seasons, the company showed signs of being overwhelmed entirely by the emergency deliveries it had to make over that period. Besides other stores that depended on the supply from the Donington Complex store had their supplies cut down in several instances to keep up with the urgent orders that had to be made from the delivery store at Donington.

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The turn of the events during the peak season at the store indicated the company was primarily struggling to complete the orders at the made at the store. The company’s strategy involves exclusive marketing strategy. Besides most of the products are destined for sales online. For a chain of retail stores, one of the of the competitive advantages enjoyed by the stores is the availability of the products within the stores. Data from various retail outlets such as Tesco stores indicates one of the problems within the retail stores lies in the ability to cut costs. One of the leading contributors to high prices is the contingency decisions made. The case study of Tesco PLC indicates the problem can be quickly eliminated by designing a marketing plan for the company.

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For instance, Tesco maps all the products they sell in the stores and makes sure all the stores are stocked at the most appropriate time (Mason & Evans, 2015). Marks and Spencer were forced to communicate to the customers informing them of the cancellation of orders placed after the explosive black Friday sales. Some shoppers expressed disappointment on the removal of their laws just after confirmation. The main reason cited by the management for the cancellation of the orders include the unavailability of the stocks at the stores. Business forecasts linked the inability to manage the customers’ demands as one of the reasons likely to affect the ability to turn around the ability of the company to turn around the retailers' sales having recorded lower sales in the previous business periods (Hammerschmidt et al.

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, 2016) As many of the customers expressed dissatisfaction with the cancellation of the orders meant for delivery most of the customers also opted to purchase the products from other competitors. The corporate objectives, therefore, exemplify the company’s primary organizational goals. The aim of the managers, therefore, remains to optimize the operations of the company. The values indicated per the company’s desires include quality value service innovation and trust. Thus the events of the peak season concerning the levels of cancellation of orders placed indicate the firm contravenes some of the values they have built for years(Worth, Marks & Spencer). The standards and tolerance levels for most consumers within the United Kingdom and the rest of the world often depend on the scenario that motivated the buyer to purchase the product.

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