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According to company reports, some companies have undergone mergers and acquisitions which are based in IHRM. For instance, Sinclair and Co are one of the companies that have been under this. As such, the essay below should identify the subject company and explain in detail the IHRM issues that the company experiences with recommendations to these issues. A business acquisition is a course of acquiring a firm to develop on strength as well as weaknesses of the acquiring firm (Teerikangas, Satu, et al. On the other hand, a merger is the same as above, but here, there is more strict combination of all the interests of the two companies into a stronger firm. Proper planning aids in improving and supply equal opportunities to every employee in the company.

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The main issue, in this case, would be to boost equality as well as generate more openings in the different branches. The whole subsidiary is controlled by the main parent company (Teerikangas & Satu, 436). All HR issues should be settled in the respective country and administrators. Through this, the chances of prudence between the managers in the branches can be reduced to a significant extent. Additionally, apart from gaining technical skills, the expatriates have to improve on their general skills such as language, perfect understanding of proper social customs, motivation, cultural values of conduct and reward systems in the host country (Teerikangas & Satu, 439). Typically, this makes it crucial to have managers who are trained and educated in International management skills. Hence, Multi-National Companies (MNC) such as Sinclair & Co have to give sufficient training to the expatriates through the implementations of training techniques, for instance, local language skills which aid in daily activities dealings in the host country.

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Similarly, they can get some understanding of the customs, behavior, values as well as the general etiquettes that are necessary for expatriate managers and employees in the succession journey (Marks et al. Oriented expatriate employees will not only be of importance to their MNC's but also will get thirty percent more than ones who do not understand such techniques. It also helps to get a more efficient relationship from the subordinate. Improved activities may turn out to be prosperity to the organizations as there are higher inputs and bonus as well (Stahl et al. The company should ensure clear communication to ensure the evaluation techniques are efficiently assessed. Through the understanding of the evaluation techniques, the employees are expected to achieve more goals due to the motivation it provides and also the organizational objectives are attained.

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Career Management and Development Workers develop excellent career advancement chances as well as a better prospect in an MNC. Complying with international issues is an also an issue because the Human Resource or under-educated business owners have to undergo difficulty as the law tend to be complicated and hard to implement (Teerikangas & Satu, 453). As such, the best recommendation for this would be to keep well-informed about the requirements of the legal department of a country for the business’s operations. In conclusion, the recommendations in each of the above issues are among the best solutions. It is evident that in general, the value of the expatriate employees is more crucial and effective than that of the domestic operations. MNCs be it large, medium or small are facing issues in orientation, recruitment, compensation, selection and reintegrating expatriate causative managers.

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