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The corporation has headquarters in Redwood Shores, California. The company specializes in marketing and developing their own unique types of database management systems. The products include enterprise software, cloud engineered systems and database technologies and software. Oracle was ranked in Global 100 Software Leaders by revenue (2018), to be the third software marketer in the world after Alphabet and Microsoft. The company offers its services in three cloud layers which are services on infrastructure, platform, and software. At the financial year 2008 T-Mobile US, Inc had a total of 2,200 MetroPCS and T-Mobile retail locations which entailed kiosks and stores. The major subsidiary is Deutsche Telekom AG. As of April 1, 2019, the company has an ISS Governance Quality Score of 7. The score pillar is Compensation: 2, Audit: 1, Shareholder Rights: 6 and Board: 10.

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In courtesy of Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS). The products that are offered include data, messaging and voice services which are prepaid, postpaid and wholesale marketing to over customer range of 79. 7 million. They also engage in selling wireless products such as mobile devices, smartphones, accessories, and tablets. The company offers accessories services through their website, third party distribution, their retail stores and through dealers. At the financial year 2008 T-Mobile US, Inc had a total of 2,200 MetroPCS and T-Mobile retail locations which entailed kiosks and stores. 70 3I GROUP TGOPY United Kingdom $10,000 6. 71 Table 3 NAME OF FIRM PERCENTAGE CHANGE IN STOCK PRICE PRIMARY REASON 1. Oracle Corporation -0. 33 inflations, High-interest rates, domestic and international issues 2. T-Mobile US, Inc + 1. The change may be caused by inflation and deflation, interest rates, fear, oil prices, earnings, energy prices, domestic and international issues.

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Inflation is defined as the constant increase in prices of goods and services in a country. This cause the dollar to become worthless. Inflation can be favorable in the long term since it was robust the economy through consumers expenditures. means that consumer may be spending lots of money, although too much inflation makes consumer reduce their spending. This leads to increased borrowing by the federal government; hence banks tend to increase their lending amount to the consumers at better rates. The consumer will increase their sending, there will be the growth of companies, an increase in profits of companies and at long last investors buy more. Domestic and international issues. Issues like war, political and domestic unrest, fraud and crime will negatively affect the stock market.

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The issues tend to create worries with consumers like serious political scandals, the death of innocent people through terrorism and Stelling of money by CEOs. World events impacts The stock market and prices, in general, may be influenced by events of the world such as terrorism, war, natural disasters, and civil unrest. The impact may be indirectly related or directly related. World events may negatively impact stock market where investors may shift focus to less risky bonds and stocks and also may lead to a reduction in trade. Interest rates and inflations In foreign countries, the changes in the rate of interest rates have a direct impact on the value and prices of stocks. The Federal Reserve system is the one that regulates interest rates to counter inflation.

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