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Interns experience real-life engineering workplace. The paper follows a reflection explain the roles performed at my industry placement, the actual context of that role, and how professional skills impact this role with particular emphasis on the capability in these skills. Professional skills discussed are communication, Information management, self-management and teamwork. ROLE I work for Space Management Department of University of Melbourne. Consequently, several outcomes are expected during the internship program. Internship maintain employee-retention rate. Recent studies indicate that the test-driving theory has shown positive employee-retention figures. For an industry to achieve certain objectives and outcomes, certain rules and regulations have to be incorporated. Successful interns take first priorities in open positions within the industrial sector. The intern comprehends the business and people in the specific work place.

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The goals set comprise the feature of being achieveable based on efforts. Unrealistic goals define the failure of an industry. The officials spend more time with interns in the industry. More time spent on the interns enhance success. Training, supervision and coaching trigger success. Students in university use slangs to communicate. Communication among students is informal. The level of professionalism of the communication language does not matter. Speed Industrial communications often need to happen much faster than university ones. Industrial sectors need urgency on various project status update depending on a particular department. Listening implies that you hear what someone says,comprehend the content, decode all the non-verbal signals and filter the message without bias or prejudice. On the bright side, different strategies and resolutions can build a strong listening skill.

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