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For example, the most common form of communication is verbal and this is used by everyone whichever the relationship people have. Communication differs depending on the levels in which people are in terms of their relationship status. For example, parents will communicate with their children in a different way from which a couple will communicate with each other. As much as communications seem simple, there are several issues that may sometimes come with it. Even emotional communication and communicating sexually may sometimes have a breakdown. While this may seem a way of keeping the relationship peaceful, it does more damages than good to the partners at the end of the day. It is very true that such an intimate relationship may be one-sided because of the parties will feel that his or her needs are not being met and if at all they are being met then it is not to their expectation.

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This is likely to affect women more because to them, sex is a very serious issue and they are likely to have this kind of communication with people that they have feelings towards. This is a rather different case when it comes to men because for them, sex is more of a way of satisfying their needs and sometimes may not go beyond that. In a marital case, communicating sexually may even be harder especially for couples who have been together for a very long period of time (Aida, 2014). This is however not the case because at the end of the day, sexually communication is more of a physical as well as an emotional thing. When couples communicate sexually, they tend to care about the needs of each other but this is lacking in most relationships because everyone is busy in the social media and other forms of mass media.

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This cannot cure any desire for a sexual communication. In fact, it only fuels the urges which end up being suppressed instead of being expressed. People who fail to communicate in any given relationships and choose to be silent about things consume themselves without knowing it because a partner is likely to assume that everything is fine when the other person does not feel the same (Harris, 2014). Good communication generally contributes to sexual satisfaction. Sexual satisfaction involves communication too because emotions are likely to be aroused more when partners communicate than when they just engage in sexual activities for the sake of it. Having to communicate all the time is very healthy because the two get to be very free with each other.

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When this is achieved, the sexual expression does not become a problem again and may be a thing of the past because sexual partners get to understand the likes and dislikes of their partners. There are things a partner may never get to know unless they are told. It is possible that the partners will be very honed with each other about their experience and things like that. This kind of couples are likely to appreciate each other as well and may sometimes want to make everything better. Communicating after sex is also a way of showing that a couple is very comfortable with each other. This is exactly how things are supposed to be between partner. Communication is generally very important because humans were made with the ability to communicate their feelings to each other.

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