Introducing Computerized Service Unit to Nike

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This is because, most of these athletes often work out and run for pleasure or fitness, thus keeping away from the competitive impression that a majority of NIKE’s offered brand statements are connected to. The company needs to introduce a computerized service unit to enhance service delivery. Consequently, the company needs to reposition its brand for it to actualize both fun and functionality. Fundamentally, this can be done through the adjustment of brand statements that cater for all segments of athletes without narrow-mindedness. In the long term, this will enable NIKE to meet demands of a preponderance of casual runners in the urban segment thereby increasing sales forecasts, whilst maintaining a leading portion of the sporty shoes sell (Hill, Charles, & Jones 200).

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Just like many other industries in the market, the athletic shoe industry is currently facing mischievous difficulties as a result of the deteriorating state of the global economy. Generally, inflation has greatly caused sales to remain highly static thus affecting consumer trends to a larger extent. Consequently, market share competition in the athletic shoe industry is a major threat due to innovative brands in the entire industry. Nonetheless, technological advancements with regard to product innovation and promotion pose thrilling opportunities. SWOT Analysis This involves a comprehensive analysis of the company’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. NIKE is a global brand that has been known for years as the leading sports brand in the entire world. Weaknesses The company does have a wide range of innovative sports products.

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Nevertheless, the company heavily depends on the footwear market as its main source of income. This is very dangerous since in the event that the footwear market share erodes, then the company may become very much vulnerable. Nike sells most of its products to various retailers located in Nike Town. Global sporting events such as the Soccer World Cup and the Olympics provide adequate opportunity for selling the brand globally. Threats The company is usually exposed to the global nature of trade. In this case, it trades under different forms of currencies, and therefore costs as well as margins are unstable over prolonged periods of time. Thus, this exposure in the international market may prompt the company to be trading at a loss.

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The sports shoe market is very much competitive due to threat of new entrants as well as threat posed by other companies such as Puma and Reebok. Therefore, for the abovementioned gaps to be averted the subsequent adjustments will be made to the featured in the strategy; {1} espouse mechanisms to guard the intellectual property of the corporation through highly susceptible information technology paraphernalia. This will guarantee that as employees and clientele interact in words or through the internet, none of the top secret information of the corporation is lost. Reduce operational costs by guaranteeing that production resources are reasonably priced and readily acquired. This feature will ensure that the corporation does not over spend in manufacture. Enrolling system users to some consciousness class to advance the usability of the system and cut Usage Gap.

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New Delhi: Pearson, 2009. Print. Hill, Charles W. L, and Gareth R. Jones.

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