Lessons I Learned During Practicum at Emanuel Medical Center

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The new shift reporting method where nurses record patients’ information at the bedside has helped to promote the continuity of care during shifts and improve patient-nurse involvement. The paper discusses the various lessons I learned during that period. New Practice Approaches During my time at Emanuel Medical Center, I got an opportunity to develop new skills in the new bedside approach implemented at the hospital. I observed off-going nurses involve the patients, their families, and the on-coming nurses discussing medical treatment plans and other information to ensure continuity of care services. In the traditional method, nurses would record patients’ information in a private room where the on-coming nurse would collect the information to provide care. For instance, nurses are faced with ethical dilemmas regarding patient’s concerns which should be solved, as part of providing quality care.

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I observed how they involved other health professionals in developing suitable solutions as a team. It helped to improve my communication and interaction skills with colleagues, which are crucial when working as a team to provide patient care. Ethical Considerations in Health Care The experience in Emanuel Medical Center enlightened me on some of the ethical concerns that arise when delivering bedside care. They include a lack of proper communication regarding the patient’s medications, concerns on decision making and patient’s concerns on the proposed medical plans. The Role of Technology in Improving Health Care Outcomes Bedside reporting involves the use of technologies such as electronic health records (EHR) and recording devices to collect verbal information. While undertaking my practicum at Emanuel Medical Center, I observed the processes followed when delivering a report to the oncoming nurses and the patient’s family.

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The process involved using EHR to record the information and provide a verbal report in a language that was easy to understand. With the help of a nurse, I learned how to use EHR and its role in delivering bedside reports. Unlike in the traditional reporting where the out-going nurse would record the information in a sheet of paper, patient’s data was recording in real-time (Ghosh, Curl, Goodwin, Morrell & Guidroz, 2018). Health Policy During the practicum, there were some concerns that were raised regarding the violations of health policies. They included unknown visitors in the room, lack of privacy and instances where the patient was asleep or was unable to participate due to cognitive problems. Our supervisor helped us in identifying the health policies set by Emanuel Medical Center to prevent the violation of patients’ privacy.

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For instance, the patient can decide whether or not information should be shared with family members. Besides family members visiting the patient are required to identify themselves to prevent unknown visitors from accessing the room. Health Disparities During the practicum, I identified the disparities among the population around the hospital. There was a racial and ethnic disparity, where more non-Hispanics whites accessed the facility compared to Hispanics and blacks. Also, most of the people living in poverty due to unemployment did not seek medical attention compared to those who had stable jobs. The practicum provided a perfect opportunity to learn and understand the concepts taught at school. It also enabled me enhance various skills such as leadership and communication skills. , Goodwin, M.

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