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This was also accomplished by utilizing contemporary findings in musical poetics (Karim, 2000). Many people have dismissed rap as poetry as a small musical phenomenon a long time ago (Bradley, 2010). Which has caused the word rap to lose its meaning. As a result, the topic of whether rap is poetry emerges. However, for the ears that hear and the eyes that see, there’d be, where attention is given an understanding that rap comes from poetry. Rappers use their words (rap) to create sounds that convey the intended message (rap); see poems and raps. As a result, rap uses the same strategy as poetry to achieve its end goal (Light, 1999). Rap music develops its sounds in the form of a series of beats.

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These lines make up a poem. Poetry is a type of art that is created and produced via the use of sounds. Lyric poetry, as practiced by American poets, is related to poetry. Rap, like this poetry, derives song lyrics from a well-known instrument called the lyre, which was employed by ancient poets. Rap, like other types of music, contains lyrics. This typically results in rhyme. This leads us back to our original question. Onward, Perkins (1996) posited that to generate rhyme, rap music must keep repeating the same line. Further, it is suggested that this is especially true of bad rap songs. Even with so-called good rap music, the convoluted lyrics yield a single rhyme pattern, which is typically intended to accentuate something (Mclver, 2002).

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A deep dive into the linguist and their linguistic academic makes one wonder is rap considered poetry? According to some Linguists in linguistic academia, they believe rap does not implement Standard English in terms of terminology or sentence structure. They claimed, for example, that rap artist Fifty Cent pronounces 'fifty' as 'fitty. They seldom use live performers or original music; instead, the soundtrack is constructed up of numerous cuts (or "samples") from previously created and frequently well-known albums. Finally, the lyrics are vulgar and simplistic, the language is poor, and the rhymes are loud, repeated, and usually bawdy. Nonetheless, these same lyrics persist in claiming and extolling rap as poetry and high art. " Rap music is poetry in motion. This is because even the arguments against it, such as the non-standard usage of language in rap music, do not hold water.

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