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It offers services like software development, web development, digital marketing and many other services. Its corporate office is in California, US but its development center is in Mohali, India. The company got CMMI Level 5 certification two years ago which is the highest certification for an IT service provider company. The company is Microsoft Certified Gold Partner, and it has also been assessed at ISO 27001:2005, ISO 9001:2000 standards. As an IT manager of any organization, there are so many responsibilities on the IT head, and he has to manage everything (Hofmann, et al, 2017). In the process of planning some projects might be included by the manager of the company. Network: The IT manager has to work with the IT team in development and operation of the network to support effective communication and collaboration.

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IT manager will bring the latest Internet Protocol network which has the full capability of carrying large internet traffic on a single network. IP network replaces telephone systems with an IP based systems. It helps to bring new and advanced communication tools in the company(Orlikowski et al, 2013). The manager needs to work together with the IT team in the protection of the IT infrastructure as well as the corporate data from the being attacked by the viruses, cybercriminals and also other threats that might be in the organization (Hofmann, et al, 2017) The security should be tight because if the infrastructure is attacked, it will prevent the whole organization from carrying out some of the critical operations of the business and having a great impact on the customer service.

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Leakage of the data may lead to the loss of the confidential corporate as well of the customers data, therefore, risking the company from being fined by the legislators and may also damage the reputation of the organization as the IT team work hard together with the manager in strengthening the security policies of the so that it can minimize the risk and avoiding the breach of the security. They continue facing increment complex of the environment of the IT. This is because the employees use their mobile in working or they use personal smartphones and tablets by working on the corporate data. Physical security: the manager needs to establish physical security by protecting the network, software, hardware, personnel and data from intrusions and physical actions that may damage the establishment.

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Cloud security usually looks first on the data privacy, access management, and identity as well. Network security that is used includes the protection of the infrastructure of the network as well as the devices which are connected to it mainly through practices, policies, and technology. Network security help to defend against threats like modifications, malicious use as well as unauthorized access. Support: For the employees of the organization to make most effective use of the IT resources, the manager has to ensure that the team provides various forms of the user's support. In case there is an installment of the new software or else some network facilities, the manager has to ensure the team has provided training to the employees so that they can make productive use of the new resources (Orlikowski et al, 2013).

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