Juvenile Justice Correctional Facilities Proposal

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The adolescents’ diversion program can be a candidate for the Medicaid financing. Various discretionary finances and federal formula are aligned with the diversion program and provide prospective startup funding sources (Heinz, 2014). The other option is debt funding. For instance, the Social Impact Bond (SIB) may offer initial implementation and startup funding to the juvenile diversion programs. The Reinvestment Company is the other innovative mechanism to take in consideration for the startup programs. The description of evaluation comprises five criteria of evaluation, which need to be utilized in analyzing the interventions of development such as juvenile diversion programs (Horwitz, 2015). These criteria include relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, sustainability, and impact. Most agencies use the criteria as it proves effective in the diversion program and several other intervention initiatives.

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The relevance of the diversion program is the level to which its goals and objectives are in line with the requirements of the requirements, country necessities and priorities, pertinent global standards, international priorities, as well as the objectives and policies of donors and partners (Champion, Merlo & Benekos, 2013). Efficiency refers to the estimation of how well the inputs (time, finances, and expertise, to mention just a few) are transformed into the outputs. While it is probable to generate statistical data analysis and collection processes intended particularly to monitor the effect of the diversion program, it is seldom sustainable or cost-effective to do the same. The perfect situation is using the available justice data systems, which can offer reliable baseline information as well as some general estimations of the effect of the reforms of juvenile justice (Horwitz, 2015).

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