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Kawasaki Motorcycle Corp was established in 1966 in America with its first headquarters being at a warehouse in Chicago (Kawasaki Industries, 2018). Despite the firm having no customers, image, and distributors, the firm made negotiations with various private American firms to distribute its bikes. The bikes were small tow stroke being sold under an Omega brand name. However, Americans needed something more exciting which made the firm respond to these needs through the creation of the Avenger and Samurai. These bikes were sold under the organization's name and a second firm (Eastern Kawasaki Motorcycle Corp) which managed distribution in East Coast. Apart from having its offices headquarters in California, the firm has regional sales offices in New Jersey, Atlanta, Fort Worth, Hebron, Texas, and Piscataway.

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KMC was the first foreign vehicle manufacturer to establish a manufacturing plant in the United States. The executives of the organization built on the idea in 1974 with the argument that if their market was in America, then they could build their products in the States. This idea was more: cost-effective and employed local labor. Since 1974, the consumer manufacturing facility, located in a 335-acre land, has expanded from the initial 286, 000 to about 1. Websites Kawasaki has two major websites; one for the American based firm and a more general website for the global Kawasaki firm. In both websites, the organization clearly shows its history and vividly shows the major products provided by the firm. The websites also include a news and event section in which its customers can read and get information of new products s well as understand the company’s new plans.

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Both sites are easy to navigate and are well detailed with each section vividly visible hence making it easy for customers, partners and investors to utilize the site. Firm Operations Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing Corp. Precision machinery which includes products like industrial robots and industrial hydraulic products. Organizational structure KHI utilizes corporate governance method to accommodate the firm’s operations. The system entails auditors and a board of governance who play a vital role in the forms governance. The major notion behind adopting corporate governance is to raise the firm’s corporate via a transparent sound and efficient management. The organization's chairman acts as a presiding officer of Board of directors which is made up of 12 directors. The production equipment is planned for installation in a working area of an estimated 30, 1000 square acres before the end of March (Kawasaki, 2016).

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The organizations have created affiliations with other companies in America to enhance productivity. As the organization started in America, Kawasaki collaborated with the Omega organization to sell and distribute its bike. Recently, the organization noticed that spreadsheet-based planning processes and business reporting were quite inflexible and laborious to facilitate the growth of the organization. As a result, the organization started working with IBM who did deploy Analytic Softwares. Therefore, the firm has focused on the production of hydrogen. The organization already has an existing framework on how to go about the hydrogen road. It aims at producing liquated hydrogen that is derived from brown coal at a cryogenic temperature of -2530c. The firm’s objects for developing the first liquefied hydrogen carrier by 2020.

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