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intelligent driving 5 d). extended range 5 Costs 5 Feasibility 6 Conclusion 6 Introduction Overview Kearny New Car Design will be designed in such a way that it stands out to be unique. This design will be first generation of unique cars that will be unleashed in the city. Kearny New Car Design comes with many autonomous features which are first to be introduced in the car industry. The four standing out features of this new car design are; exterior design, interior design, intelligent, driving and extended range. The customers had wanted vehicles that were atypical in design to the ones which are traditional ones. It will be the first electric vehicle to be designed with the intelligent mobility design (Popescu, Mircea, et al 11). This design is an eye opener for the car designers that it is possible to design an electric car.

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This marked the beginning of this designed, and it will then be improved for the better this year. Statement of the problem Over the past years, car users have been looking for good cars with quality designs that they can use in the city. The following are the main things to be achieved in this design; • To change in how the cars are driven, powered and integrated into the society • To have intelligent driving technology which consists of ProPilot, ProPilot Park, and E-Pedal Technology • To offer an improved energy efficiency, an increased torque and power output • To have an interior design with information display for the driver which has simple, light configuration with no excess decoration which helps in visibility • To have an exterior design which will expressed clean and simple lines and robust sleek silhouette.

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The scope of the study The scope of this study will focus on the following main areas; the exterior design of the car, the interior design, the intelligent driving and the extended range (Yi, Zonggen et al 344). a). exterior design The outside look needs to be much beautiful than the other existing designs since it will have new headlights, contrasting color roof and newly designed bumpers and slide skirts. The color options are white, yellow, red and light blue combined with a black roof. This will be measured as well by the number of miles it can travel per day. The consumption of fuel as well will be determined per mile to ascertain whether it is cost effective or not. Conclusion Kearny New Car Design will come up with the newest design in the world which is the most convenient and efficient for customers.

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