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Her main objective was to introduce the tea culture in the world. Her passion for travelling motivated her to introduce the koi cafe. Koi Company deals with tea. The company offers freshly brewed tea with flavored ingredients. The precious tea offered by the company is what keeps the company successful and profitable. SWOT Analysis Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Freshly brewed tea leaves in Singapore Many competitors New product innovations Customers have negative impression on gurgle tea Natural ingredients free from preservatives Lack of variety of flavors The brand is attractive to global partners Too many bubble tea shops opening worldwide Signature smooth cover of fresh milk lather, fruit base, coffee and macchiato Customers in Singapore prefer purchasing local brands Customers are becoming wellbeing conscious, this gives the company a greater opportunity of providing natural tea Inflation causes customers to spend less on consumer goods and services Sugar and ice options where the customers can customize them since customers prefer less sugar High-grade ultraviolet filters for water to be free from harmful bacteria Koi serves genuine Taiwanese tea Cheaper tea than other tea shops Freshly brewed tea leaves helps the company in producing natural fresh tea.

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Taiwanese tea is the fast growing notion in Singapore and this makes koi popular since it produces genuine tea. Koi Company allows the customers to customize ice and sugar levels since the customers are health conscious. The opportunity of the company’s brand being attractive globally will enable the company to overcome its weakness of having many competitors. The provision of genuine Taiwanese tea will enable Koi Company to overcome the threat of the customers having a negative impression of bubble tea being unhealthy.  The competitors have a strong base in providing high-quality product and services to its customers. The competitors are situated in strategic locations where the customers can easily access them5. The competitors are providing cultural and traditional juices as a wide of attracting a wide range of customers.

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A convenient location is very important to any business and Koi Company should focus on its convenience to attract a wide range of customers. 6 Customers. 10 The company can also receive complaints and compliments from the customers using social media platforms. Mobile ordering and payment for products and services is an emerging trend in the food industry. Implementation of mobile apps that can help the customers to access the products and services will make the customers more comfortable. 11 Installation of free Wi-Fi in koi café will be of great importance to the company since it will make the customers feel more comfortable. 12 The customers will enjoy the awesome company tea will browsing, chatting and doing their assignments. American culture has greatly influenced the food industry.

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The Asian American culture great influence the tea industry.  Koi Company extends its operating hours in order to attract Asian customers. Most of the koi cafes are located in the high populated Asian areas. Koi Company should study the cultural practices and preferences of different people in order to attract a wide range of customers. The main target customers are people of age 16-60 years. Koi Company concentrated marketing approach as a way of reaching the target consumer group. 18 Company’s differentiation The differentiation is on the brand name, brand strategy and product features. Koi Company has multiproduct branding strategies. Product features are based on the flavor, texture and ingredients. 21 Place The company will open a new convenient store where the customers can visit anytime and enjoy the company products.

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Promotion The company will market its products through advertising, public relations and sales promotions. Advertising will be done on Instagram and television. Public relations will be done on YouTube, Facebook and twitter. Sales promotion will be practical by offering a discount coupon on koi cake and koi bubble tea. The management will identify the best location of the new convenient store. Start : August 2019 Launch: January 2020 promotion S1 Use of social media platforms such as l Twitter, Instagram and Facebook The marketing team should create social media accounts and have all the content concerning company’s products on this platforms Start: August 2019 Launch: December 2019 S2 Creation of company blogs The information technology department should create company blogs The marketing team should creating content for the blogs every week Continuous process Evaluation and Budget Strategy Description Evaluation and criteria Budget Product S1 Introduction of a new product in the market Increase in the number of customers purchasing the new product will show that the company is building its brand image $ 10,000 for launching of the new product S2 Using the local flavors in preparing company products Increase in the number of local customers purchasing company products.

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$ 100 for purchasing local flavors monthly price S1 Application of value pricing Escalation in company sales for the period of the introduction of value pricing • Escalation by 15% indicate bad performance • Escalation by 20% indicate that the goal is met • Escalation by 30 indicate excellent performance S2 Application of penetration pricing Increasing in operating profit • Escalation by 10% indicate bad performance • Escalation by 15% indicate that the goal is met • Escalation by 20 % indicate excellent performance place S1 Opening a new convenient shop Quick delivery of products to customers visiting the convenient store $ 10, 000 cost of establishing a new convenient store $200 cost of maintaining the convenient store monthly. Promotion S1 Use of social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook Twitter: at least 400 followers Instagram: at least 400 followers with atleast100 likes for pictures posted Facebook: at least 500 page likes S2 Creation of company blogs 25 views per blog At least 10 comment $ 100 for initial creation of the blog for every blog posted Bibliographies 1.

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