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After the cat has exited, a clean cycle begins. The globe rotates at a lower speed and the patented sifting system separates the waste from the clean litter. The clumps are dropped into a carbon-filtered drawer at the bottom of the box. The globe then returns to the initial position, leaving a level, clean bed for use. The waste drawer ought to be emptied at a regular basis and more litter added. External Marketing Audit An external marketing audit is a systematic approach that is aimed at creating information necessary for a company so as to determine the factors responsible for an effective marketing strategy. The external environment is very important because it helps marketers to understand the needs and expectations of different customers thus improving their satisfaction.

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The external environment is categorized into the following: political/legal- the organizations producing and selling the machines in the United States of America are affected by several political factors such as increased taxation and high interest rates. The government has set very high rates of taxation which have resulted in the increased price of the product. Since customers are rational in nature, the demand has been declining and that is the reason the market for the product is small. Sociocultural- the attitude and culture of people can also affect the performance of the organization. For instance, if the cat owners have a negative attitude towards the machine, the productivity will decline because they will have low purchase rates. On the other hand, if they believe in the effectiveness of the box, their consumption behavior will change.

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They will always desire to have it instead of disposing of the waste themselves. Economic- the economic factors affecting the Litter-Robot market are taxes, interest rates, and demand/supply (Philip, 2011). Employees- these are believed to be the key determinants of success in a business. When employees are motivated or satisfied, they actively contribute to the attainment of set goals and objectives while demotivation and dissatisfaction can result in poor performance. To increase the motivation of employees, employers ought to implement certain strategies such as proper communication, good leadership skills, and incentive systems. Communication is responsible for good relations in an organization. Through it, employees can freely share their ideas and opinions thus enhancing satisfaction. As a result of this quality, demand has been increasing thus translating to growth of the business.

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Secondly, the machine is cost-effective because its price is almost half the price of litter collection. Due to this, cat owners have opted for the machine leading to high demand. Lastly, it saves time because the owner will not have to dispose of the waste every day. If a household has only one cat, it is assumed that the waste will be disposed of after 7-10 days. Strategic Marketing Objectives The strategic marketing objectives of the organization include the following: increasing revenue by approximately 50%. For the goal to be accomplished, the firm should meet the needs and desires of different customers. In other words, they should increase customer satisfaction by producing goods which meet customer needs. When customers are happy, their consumption increases and total sales also increase giving rise to high revenue.

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The second objective is to enhance customer and employee satisfaction because they are key players in the success and growth of a business. When the needs and expectations of different customers are met, their satisfaction increases and they end up becoming loyal to the organization. They will also entice other potential customers to start using the product resulting in an increased customer base. However, when customers are dissatisfied, they tend to shift to other companies and the competitive advantage of this company reduces. Marketing Strategies The two alternative marketing strategies for the organization are organic social media and Webinars but the preferred one is social media. Use of social media in marketing has being very effective since almost every customer has access to the internet and others will even use it for communication rather than cell phones.

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