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In the process of trying to accomplish tasks, employees usually face some problems and difficulties which can only be noticed by fellow employees. In the medical profession, new diseases are discovered every day and new methods of administering drugs to prevent such diseases are invented every day (Clark, 2006). At the Railway's clinic, patients tend to come with different problems that require complex skills and experience to cure and prevent such diseases. As an employee, I noticed that the majority of employees at Railway's clinic lack the advanced skills and experience required to cure such diseases. Employees at railways lack the proper skills due to the improper division of work within the organization. Consequently, consulting employees will enable the top level managers to get first-hand information about the discovery of new diseases, new medicines and new technologies used to cure and prevent such diseases.

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This is because employees are usually in direct contact with the patients and the outside environment making it easier for them to get first-hand information related to the field of medicine. Acquiring the right information will enable managers to make decisions regarding the hiring of new employees and specific areas that more employees are needed so that the existing employees can gain experience in their areas of specialization (Lam, 2018). Similarly, the top level manager will be able to make strategic plans of enabling employees to acquire complex skills required in treating the newly discovered diseases. Since the top level managers have the ability to mobilize outside resources, they can be able to request for the purchase of advanced treatment machines which will be useful in improving the skills and experience of employees because they will be able to detect new and hidden diseases in patients and find proper ways treat them.

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The lower level managers should not assign multiple tasks to employees in areas that they are not specialized in because they will not gain any experience from performing tasks which they don’t understand. Staff training is an important aspect of improving employee’s skills and experience (Eckert, 2016). Employees should bring to attention their desire to undergo training regarding treatment of new diseases by telling their superiors. They should clearly state the importance of going for such training and the benefit that it will bring to both the organization and to the managers. Top level managers should also provide free training to Railways clinic employees during specific days of the week to enable them to gain practical skills from experts with practical examples of how to give drugs to patients.

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Money can be used by managers to hire other staffs who will assist the existing staffs in performing their duties in order to minimize multitasking in different areas. Money can be used by managers to purchase new equipment to be used in the detection of diseases and treatment (Bateman and Krawitz, 2015). Money can also be used in the hiring of health professionals who can be able to provide career talks to employees by teaching them various ways to treat diseases and measures taken before treating deadly diseases or before providing tests to a patient who is critical condition. Company culture is another aspect that can be used to improve employees’ skills and experience. Railways clinic should incorporate the culture of collaboration and teamwork among employees.

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Managers can also request the government to increase salaries for highly skilled professionals. This will motivate other employees to acquire more skills and experience so that they can also benefit from the high salaries given to others. Railways clinic should improve the employees’ skills and experience depending on the type of patients that come to that clinic. If the majority of the patients come with newly discovered diseases, employees should be encouraged to improve their skills in understanding such diseases and learning how to treat them. The suppliers who bring machines to the clinic should be well known in order to ascertain the originality of such machines. It is also where admitted patients register before going inside the admission rooms. Physicians department contain physicians who attend to the patients and physicians assistants who act on behalf of the physicians.

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