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(Ehnert, Harry & Zink, 2013:08). HerbaLine being a facial spa beauty chain in Malaysia continually grew from having only one outlet in the year 2000 to 55 outlets in the year 2014. The company gained a competitive advantage through its business model based on a “beauty, Stress-free. ” In this essay, I will evaluate HerbaLine’s HR sustainability practices and their contribution to enhancing positive social change and the development of the company’s human resources. Identification of HR sustainability practices HR sustainability practices are all about the role and sustainability of the HR function within an organization. The recruitment efforts of HerbaLine could be considered to be sustainable since they involved a clear career progression policy for the employees which ensured that the employees had the opportunity to develop their career paths enhancing their performance.

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This led to employee development. What’s more, the employees had the opportunity to introduce their family members and friends to acquire a job to the company permitted by the family-oriented culture and thus, the company created jobs for many other people in the societies improving their living standards as time went by. iii. Emphasizing incentives to motivate employees With the aim of motivating its employees, HerbaLine provides annual trips which are planned by the organization as a reward for those workers who meet their business targets yearly. These build more trust, close relationships in the workplace and thus leading to employee development in their careers (Chong & Geok, 2015: 02). Transparency in the company initiatives and managing alignment between the brand and its reputation also attributes to the authenticity of the above HR sustainability practices.

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The company is real in focusing on the main HR sustainability practices which are aimed at enhancing the performance of the staff and the organization Contribution of practices to enhancing positive social & human outcomes for the case organization’s human resources. Training and development is one of the major contributing factors to positive social change and the outcomes of the human resources at HerbaLine. Training methods mainly focus on imparting and assessing knowledge and also ensuring employees understand the context of the organization operations. The high focus on HR sustainability at HerbaLine including the above-described HR sustainability practices explains the growth of HerbaLine from one outlet in 2000 to 55 outlets in 2014. References Chong L. B & Geok W. B. Malaysia’s HerbaLine Facial Spa: A Human Resource Strategy for Growing a Startup.

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