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Having had a one on one interview with the Sydney bakers delight manager, essentiality of good communication skills, good decision-making practise, good guidance and allocation of duties to your employees are inevitable practises that every manager has to have. The merits of being a good manager range from high profit returns, good allocation and use of the limited resources and good employees-manager relations, which on the long run attracts a wider customer base. Future managers are therefore advised that apart from working hard, they should always learn to appreciate victory, be confident in their decision-making practises and have self-confidence in all they do. Table of Contents EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1 INTRODUCTION 3 LITERATURE REVIEW 3 BACKGROUND INFORMATION OF BAKERS DELIGHT 4 MANAGERS 5 Roles and sensibilities of managers 5 What skills should managers have? 5 Problems managers face and how they should tackle them 6 Steps involved in solving problems within the bakery 7 Step 1 7 Step 2 7 Step 3 7 Final step (step four) 7 How to maximize on your employees potentials 7 Effectiveness and efficiency of managers in their work 8 Do you love your job? 8 Conclusion and recommendation to prospective managers and students 8 REFERENCES 10 APPENDIX 11 Appendix A 11 INTRODUCTION For success to follow, managers should embrace good leadership skills in their day-to-day work.

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In this report, we dwell on leadership skills that managers ought to have, their roles and responsibilities and how managers should handle their various problems within their organization. Success in any organization is courtesy of the human resources and good leadership practise within the organization. Since most of the demerits witnessed in any organization are human and social problems, the need for good leadership practise is therefore inevitable. According to Olivery Sheldon, “No industry can be rendered efficient so long as the basic fact remains unrecognized that is principally human energy and leadership practises. ” Sheldon equates human labour as being men with ability to think, get fatigue and need good guidance. The guidance part of the phrase signifies how important managers are to an organization.

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Their success is embraced in their vision and mission statements; their vision is to become the world’s best fresh bread retailer whereas their mission statement is to offer quality products and services to all its customers. The need for quality in their products and services is embraced in all bakers delight stores in New Zealand, USA, Canada and Australia. MANAGERS Roles and sensibilities of managers Climbing through ranks from a mere employee to a manager signifies great sacrifice and hard work. A manager is therefore a leader accorded with the responsibilities of guiding his team towards achieving their set goals. The generalized roles of managers include; Setting goals and objectives for the organization, he works. Moreover, this ensures that their objectives are met on time.

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“By doing this, underperformance can be easily noted and relevant action taken. Employees who have achieved their goals can be rewarded as a motivational factor towards greater success. ” What skills should managers have? Cooperation from employees is the basis of success in Bakery Delight. How to be a good leader and manage people is an art of socializing as the manager of bakers delight in Greenwood Plaza, North Sydney, Australia puts it. This has helped- a big deal” The everyday routine of a manager revolves around making decisions on behalf of your juniors. Decisions revolving how to approach an underperforming employee and making organizational changes are among the day-to-day decisions a manager makes. Decisions made should always be right and of benefit to the company and its return.

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One of the most vital skills that managers and leaders should have is good leadership skills. “As a leader, you are obliged to giving directions and guidance everyday. ” Poor performance amounts to poor quality of services, which on the long run will result to loss of customers. Managers should therefore be vigil enough to spot on the few dots and take necessary actions against them. Maximizing on your employees potential is another big problem manager’s face in his or her line of work. First is to accept that all your employees are human and just like you, they can have bad and good days too which may sometimes be out of your control. “Making these bad days be good days is important especially in our bakery where interactions between customers and employees is high.

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When criticizing some employees, it should be done on closed doors or in private vicinity. Helping employees incorporate their personal goals and their work goals is also important. Having consultative talks with your juniors on their aims and career goals is useful especially to managers while allocating jobs. The working environment determines the motivation the employees have towards achieving the goals of an organization. The working environment should be conducive and comfortable enough. However, hard work alone is not enough, a new manager should always learn to identify and appreciate victory! A manager’s influence is of great impact to the employees and the company. A thumbs-up for a good job done is enough to motivate your employees. Confidence in decision-making and work related projects is also vital.

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