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It is a career that has its requirements and skills to be possessed by the holders of various positions in it. This paper explores the Marketing career focusing more on the social media marketing which is very common to understand the operations, the requirements and the benefits of the career as a whole. Social media marketing involves using social media programs like Twitter, LinkedIn as well as Facebook among many other sites for promotion of businesses, brands, and products. Businesses have realized the importance of social media and for that reason made it has become an important platform for marketers. The high number of users in the media makes it ideal to reach many people at a time providing unparalleled power to raise consumer awareness (Cheung, Raysen, and John Arnold, 26).

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The second tip is getting an awareness where a person needs to research and get well versed with several sites and identify the necessary programs for successful operations in the career. Educating oneself follows as the third tip where one needs to add more knowledge on what he/she knows about social media marketing. Learning and familiarizing with language and terms used is key. Formal education is also important to gain the necessary knowledge for performance in the career. Having done that, learning on the job follows as the fourth tip. Through these inputs from consumers, production and marketing teams can refine their plans. Other advantages include consumer anticipation, marketing effectiveness, broad reach where information is disseminated to billions of people at a go, creativity and low cost since the influence of social media is based on content and ideas.

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The democratization of many people who visit social media is what characterize these sites. People from across the globe and all divide can propagate essential ideas by use of these online forums in an easy way. Social media gives businesses an opportunity of controlling a mass following with a great deal of influence and power by releasing a product or an idea that captures the imagination of the followers. Mostly, passion and enthusiasm towards social media use to become an important ingredient for excellent performance in the position. The third important quality for the holder of this position is innovation. Technical expertise is not enough alone without a person being creative for marketing through this channel to be successful. Innovation to improve the existing knowledge as more companies continue to shift to social media is important.

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Without this ingredient, there is a possibility of applying the same approach for a long time which becomes boring with time and ends up losing customers. Therefore, for anyone interested, the only option is researching about the reputation of an institution before enrolling for the course. The institutions are known for offering most trusted of these teaching programs include;  eMarketing Association: this association gives certification for designation such as Certified eMarketing Associate (CeMA), Certified eMraketer (CeM) or Certified Social Marketing Associate (CSMA). As well, there other several educational institutions which through their normal curriculum offer courses in social media marketing. Those learning institutions are:  University of San Francisco  San Francisco State University  UCLA Extension and they offer these certification programs either online or even via the locations of the campus (Michaelidou, 1153).

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Industries of Employment Initiatives of social media marketing are available almost in all industry as many companies are struggling to be present in major social programs which have a large following like Twitter and Facebook. 5 million in 2012, and they used it through a mobile device. There was an expectation that this number of users was to rise by 2015 to 79. 1 million. The enormous social media influence and expansion reflect the continued growth in investment from different businesses. A study done by IBM in 2011 confirmed that many businesses increased their investment in social media marketing which means the creation of more jobs for the professionals in this field. A report given by Indeed. com in 2011 shows that a social media strategist based in New York could receive a salary within the range of a minimum of $55,000 and a maximum of $103,000 annually whereas a person in similar position but work in Phoenix, Arizona could pocket a minimum of $36,000 which goes up to a maximum of $68,000.

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A social media marketing manager in Phoenix, AZ earns less as compared to a person in a similar position in New York. They earn between $48,000 to $77,000 and $73,000 t0 $116,000 annually for the two cities respectively. The difference in the package here can be attributed to geographical location mostly. According to TopSEOs. com, some of the largest social marketing firms which are on the top list include Netmark. com of Idaho Falls which led in 2011 where it made over $5 million but not more than$10 million as profits. Customer Magnetism of Virginia Beach is also on the list with earnings of between $3 million and $ 5illion. Other top firms on the list are Hudson Horizons of Saddle Brook, Converseon of New York City, Higher Visibility of Memphis, 352 Media Group of Tampa, TopHatRank.

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