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The goats are fed on pasture, certified organic grains and alfalfa hay, which gives the milk a smooth, creamy for making flavored cheese. The farm currently has eight employees who are involved in the cheese making process. The production of goat milk cream cheese is seasonal, which starts in March when the goats give birth. This poses a challenge because sometimes of the year, there is no goat milk cream cheese in the market. The farm hence needs to increase their production to meet the annual demand for goat milk cream cheese in the local and neighboring market. This will also help to increase their annual profits. An analysis of the firm’s internal strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and the threats was essential to develop a strategic marketing plan for the product. The plan focusses on increasing consumers’ awareness and promoting goat milk products. The plan also aims at increasing the production of goat milk cream cheese, building new customer relationships through marketing and promotions, and maintain existing customers in the local and neighboring towns. Introduction Dreamfarm was established in 2002 as a family farm. Diana, Jim Murphy, and family run the farm. They have licensed milking facilities and a cheeserie that is used to make goat milk cream cheese. Besides rearing goats, they also keep cows, pigs and laying hens. Their animals are fed on grass and additional nutrients for healthier and sustainable meat. The production of goat milk cream cheese starts during the spring when the goats give birth. Market analysis on the dairy goat industry indicates a rapidly increasing demand for cheese and milk for the last six years.

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Imported products meet most of the market needs. Hence there is a need for Dreamfarm to expand and develop a sustainable production system to fill in the market niche. Environmental Analysis Marketing Environment 1. Competition: Goat milk products face stiff competition from cow milk products in the market space. Inspections on the farms are done regularly to ensure the farmers abide by the rules. Sociocultural factors: The society is currently changing its health habits due to the awareness on obesity and cholesterol issues. This has led to the increased demand for goat milk cream cheese, which has low cholesterol and fat levels. Political Factors: Cheese production and consumption is not affected by the current political trends Target Markets The current market includes middle-aged locals living around the west side community market, local supermarkets and restaurants.

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Current Marketing Objectives and Performance Dreamfarm goat milk production is seasonal and starts in March when the goats give birth. • Most clients expect to be supplied with the products they love all year round. Hence Dreamfarm needs to discuss a strategy to make cheese using milk from outside the farm during the low season to maintain production. • They should also survey the local and neighboring towns to understand their customers’ needs. • With the growing demand for goat milk cream cheese and milk, the farm can invest in a large scale cheese producer to meet the market needs. • Lastly, Dreamfarm should start keeping records of their daily sales to help keep track of the business. The program will also include educating locals on the benefits of goat cream cheese over other cheeses.

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The program will help to increase consumers and revenues over the next high season. Dreamfarm should also develop benchmarking programs to measure the progress of the objective. It will help to meet its goals by ensuring only quality products are allowed into the market. Regular feedbacks from existing and new clients will enable the farm to know when there is a problem with their product. Distribution: Dreamfarm currently sells their products directly from their farm, their outlet at west side community market and Willy street coop. Goat milk cream cheese will also be distributed to supermarkets and restaurants in the local and neighboring towns. The product will also be sold around local colleges. Promotion: For the first three months at the beginning of the April season, clients will receive a 100 grams extra goat milk cream cheese for every goat milk cream cheese above $10.

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Regular clients will enjoy 100 grams of goat milk cream cheese for every order and free delivery for orders above $50. The program will run for the next six months. The farm also expects to receive customer feedback on the plan to produce goat milk cream cheese all year round after increasing its consumer base. Performance Evaluation Performance Standards and Financial Controls The following performance and financial controls are suggested to help evaluate the progress of the plan. a. The total budget for increasing production, advertisements and survey programs after three months should be 60% of the starting budget.

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