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The many restaurants across the globe are the main channels in which the company's products are distributed. The revenues of the McDonald company are generated from the many restaurants that are possessed by the company. and from those that are managed and owned by the company's franchise holders. Internationalization of the McDonald Company -- The McDonalds is widely known as the true champions of peaceful internationalization. It was reported by some authors and columnists that the locations of the McDonalds often do not enter into a dispute with each other. While in New Zealand, the company takes the role of selling meat pie. The company offers breakfast menus in the United States all day as long as its restaurants are open with an exception that eggs cannot be cooked on a similar equipment and at the same time with hamburgers basing on the fact that the two vary in temperature requirements.

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During globalization, the company redesigned its US website and started introducing new advertisement material. For example, it unveiled television commercial, new pictures, and online advertisements that comprised of more real and clear pictures of the company's products. In the subsequent years, the company announced its vast revenues 27 billion dollars which were the highest ever. For instance, after the protests in Israel, the McDonalds supplied large Macs with no cheese in various outlets thus facilitating the restaurants that required the meat and dairy products separately. Also, the McDonalds restaurant in India provided mutton which is based on Maharaja Mac and Vegetable McNuggets because meat is not accepted in Hindus. The company adapted original menu in vast nations in order to meet the demands of the customers.

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For example, Guava juice was adopted to the McDonald menu in hot markets while in Germany, beer was provided in the menu. Chilled yogurt drinks were served in Turkey and in Italy, the company provided cold pasta and espresso. Advertising on the television lacked a meaning as China had a different way of advertising from that in the West (Alan, pp. Therefore magazines and newspapers were good means of presenting McDonald's image to the public. The local strategy in Beijing was completely different to that of US. In Beijing, the McDonalds relied on interacting with customers to a larger extent and employees were available to answer the questions asked by customers in daily tasks and services and in every restaurant. Therefore the outlets were assigned receptions to take care of children and talk to parents.

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The company should redesign the existing restaurants in South Africa and open up new ones as a way of attracting more workforce and generating more revenues from the sale of foods and drinks in the restaurants. More so, the company should adhere to the local currency that is more convenient for the business in the country and that is also appropriate to the local customers. The food items to be sold in the restaurants should be suitable and well adapted to the locals based on their culture, laws, and values. The food should not victimize any religion or should not go against the taboos of the community. The menu should be low in calories and the company's culture should solely focus on safety issues and nutrition of the customers as a measure of ensuring proper health and well-being of the customers.

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