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Because of consistency in the way a particular group of people conducts itself, it leaves a mark in the minds and belief system of the society that it is the way that group will always be. However, although that might be true to some extent, there is no absolute truth in it because how the media portrays the group to be may not necessarily be the case. The media has a way of classifying the various groups of people, but that might contradict with the current reality of the culture or way of life of that particular group of individuals. It is, therefore contained in this paper an analysis of how the media represents women in society. Also, a comparison made with a different text that talks of the perspective of women as well.

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Any idea that is brought forth by a woman in pursuit of development is taken lightly because they are generally perceived as subjects and not lords. The man is given priority in everything in society. The voice of a man is the one which is considered, while a woman is meant to support the vision or plan that the man has. Women are portrayed as having little ability to make the right decisions in various matters. One issue raised in this aspect is the issue of dressing. This because the text highlights that women are weaker than men,and so they are not supposed to be involved in work. From the perspective of this text, what work means is strenuous, and manual exercises that result in sweating and consumption of high amounts of physical energy.

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The text does not appreciate the fact of provisions using other types of work other than manual work. Because of this, this category of people in society ought to allow the men to go out and work while they ensure that home affairs are well-taken care. It is as a result of this that women are also not allowed to be part of groups that subscribe to higher education. The women in this second text are accorded some freedom to think, act, and work independently. One of the things that this text highlight is the fact that men should be leaders, and women should support the men. However, the text is clear that there is a difference between leading and ruling, and men should not be ruling over women, but they should be leading them.

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That means that men are responsible for advising, directing, and guiding what happens in society. The women are given an opportunity to bear the vision and carry out some of the activities that pertain to the fulfillment of that vision. The women should be working and not just remain a housewife, absolutely leaving the man to work and support the family. Therefore, women ought to be granted equal opportunities with men to attain education. Both boys and girls should be allowed to achieve basic and higher education. There is generally freedom that allows each person in the society to be the best they could be, without limits on cultural or traditional beliefs. This text has it that society believes that both men and women are unlimited in capabilities, and so they should be treated equally.

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The freedom that women are denied to be themselves is indeed one of the reasons why many societies are still poor. In this changing economy and realities, the media should allow the women to soldier on and help their husbands to work and earn something substantial to support the family, themselves, and the society at large (Deem, 2012). The cultural context of this text is where the male gender dominates over the female gender, and the female gender is perceived as weak and unable to sustain anything significant. There is, however, an agreement between the two texts that women should help the men. The man is the one with the mandate to lead, while the woman should be led and so should be subject to the man.

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The media has played a huge role in degrading women to a level of just being on the receiving end without quality consultation. Any childbearing decision has to be an agreement between a man and a woman, and not just a man's idea. The perception of women in the culture and media has changed significantly over the recent past. Women are no longer disrespected, incapable, weak, and without dignity. There is a change in the way society considers and perceives women to be. Attitudes toward women in managerial position in Pakistan: A comparative study. International Journal of Information and Education Technology, 3(3), 373. Ceci, S. J. , Ginther, D. Sociology in a changing world. Nelson Education. Makhlouf, C. Changing veils: Women and modernisation in North Yemen.

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