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Such transportation methods can accommodate heavier commodities thus making them a suitable choice compared to air transport. Various means of transport are used for various transportation modes. At times we use more than one means of transport to travel from point to another (Gerondeau, 3). For instance, when travelling from point A to Point B; a person can use water, air, or land transport by boarding on a number of means of transport. Examples of means of transport used in each mode of transport include Air-helicopter, aircraft; road-bus, car, Uber/tax, walking, bicycle, truck, car; water-tanker, boats, ferry, container ship; and rail-train, maglev, light rail, and tram. One can watch, read the landscapes, contemplate, design about things in life or enjoy a train picnic with friends or family.

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Trains are safe for those passengers whose safety is guaranteed. Railways are in most cases the safest form of transport in terms of breakdowns and accidents. Finally, trains are best for passengers who want to get value for money ("TOP 10 Advantages and Disadvantages of Train Travel, 4"). Many Asian and European countries have best railway system. It is the best means to use in cases where fast moving consumer products need to be transported. For instance, the parts required to repair the broken equipment important for business operation may be needed at exactly 9 pm and its 3 pm. So as to avoid huge losses that may be caused due to delays, air freight services may be used to transmit the parts within the shortest time possible.

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Airplanes also prove useful when customs fees matters. A sea transport appears to be the cheapest of the available freight services for a Start-up Company with a small production run and faces the pressure to deliver commodities overseas. Sea transport is also suitable when ferrying huge and heavy commodities such as timber and coal to distant places. Furthermore, sea and inland transport is suitable when carrying a huge volume of goods due to its huge capacity ("Water Transport: Kinds, Advantages and Disadvantages of Water Transport, 3"). Finally, road transport may involve travel by buses, cars, walking, and bicycles. The selection of each type of transport depends on various factors and situations (Verhoef, 273). Buses are cheap when travelling long distances. With buses, you might not get to the exact location but you will be dropped to the nearest place ("Travelling by Car ? Advantages and Disadvantages, 1").

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Private cars are considerably faster especially during rush hours compared to bus travel. Cars are useful for passengers with several items or have heavy luggage to carry. In terms of safety, cars are the best compared to other public means where pickpocketing is prevalent. Cars are quite comfortable compared to buses. They can operate in places no bus or car can access. In a condition where a motorcycle cannot pass, they can be picked up and carried. It is cheap as it only requires food and water for the rider as well as fuel for the engine which is a bit cheaper compared to the automobile. They afford mobility for those that may not afford the car (Goetz, 2). In conclusion, modes of transport refer to the means through which freight and passengers move from one place to another.

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