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She has some mouth ulcers. She states that she and her partner had been trying to conceive for some time without success. She had been feeling low recently but just put this down to being tired and being unable to conceive. She says that she has been suffering from episodes of blurred vision which she put down to being tired and she regularly had pins & needles in her fingers. Physical examination reveals that she was tachycardic, blood pressure was 135/85 and temperature was normal. 5, this elevated pH in women who have not reached menopause will, therefore, give an indication of infections like Bacterial Vaginosis (ph>4. 5) or Trichomoniasis which is shown by Ph 5 - 6. This will help exclude Candida vulvovaginitis (pH 4 to 4. 5) which is also the Ph levels for normal vaginal discharge for women in premenopausal period caused by high estrogen levels ( Gupta, 2015).

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Bacterial Vaginosis can be treated by a few antibiotic prescriptions are routinely used. Chlamydia will be treated with either azithromycin or doxycycline. This patient also seems to have low levels of cobalamines in the body, that is to mean that she has low folate levels which is illustrated in by the Folate 2. 4 ng/mL and B12: 212 ng/mL. Physical examination, the earlier diagnostic evaluation in ambulatory general medical practices which will obviously include laboratory tests such as complete blood count, thyroid function tests, D-dimers can be done to the patient to diagnose dyspnea. ECG tests can also be performed to determine if the patient has arrhythmias, right-heart strain, and other anomalies. Mouth ulcers can be caused by stress, other sicknesses, hormonal imbalance, menstruation and deficiencies in vitamin b-12, iron and folic acid.

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In case one has herpes, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and immune disorders, mouth ulcers can result from them. A major type of mouth ulcers is known as Major Aphthous Ulceration (MJAU) can any part of the oral mucosa like the soft palate and the tonsillar area and go up to the oropharynx. These appear bigger than the MIAU and last for longer periods of months sometimes. If other parts of the body like the genitalia the joints. Mouth ulcers usually involve the breakage of the mucosal surface, which is the internal lining of the mouth which exposes the underlying tissue, causing a lot of pain mostly with contact or movement. Diagnosis of mouth ulcers can be done by looking for signs like the size of the ulcers, where they can be categorized as either major or minor aphthous ulcers.

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The dentist can also look at the color of the ulcers whether they have a yellow or whitish base where the tissue is left exposed, and a fiery red border is usually found around the ulcer. The ulcers can sometimes coalesce to form one large ulcer while in some instances it small ulcers can cluster around one ulcer; which is usually common in the herpetic type of ulcer which in this case has a viral origin. These signs and symptoms can be used to deduce the right treatment of the ulcers. All these conditions can cause the blockage of the passage of an egg from the ovaries to the uterus, or rather stop the sperm from reaching the egg to fertilize it, or stop the fertilized egg from successfully implanting in the uterus.

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In this case study, for instance, the woman has a smelly vaginal discharge. This is a clear indication that there is an infection in the cervix or the uterus. The medical personnel may then deduce the cause of the lack of conception in this woman, can, therefore, be the infection. Further diagnosis of other possible infections like the fibroids, fallopian tube issues, STDs and other problems that can be examined medically can, therefore, be done to give the actual cause. Hormonal imbalance can be brought by mental factors like stress. If the woman and her partner have been waiting to conceive for quite some time, then there is a likelihood that she is undergoing a lot of mental problems which are making her hormones shift.

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The patient should be then directed to a psychologist so that she can get the therapy needed for her mind to rest for her hormonal cycle can be stabilized. (Stoppard, 2008) The fact that she gets pains and needles in her fingers can view as medically normal feeling which people experience from time to time but sometimes is a sign of a primary health condition. Signs and symptoms of pricking, tingling, burning feeling usually happening in arms, hands, and feet (Ropper, 1991). REFERENCE Dahl, A. A. , & Desai, P. Medical Author. Chalas, E. Dunbar, E. M. , Kalani, R. , & Kesari, S. Neurologic Complications of Corticosteroids. , Ramalaxmi, B. A. , Swetha, E. , Balakrishna, N. , & Mastromarino, P. 85, No. 4, pp. Elsevier. Ropper, A. H. , Coulam, C. B. , & Melton, L.

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