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This position may sound a little bit regular to most people. I really like making videos and making small advertisement pamphlets. The movie industry is rapidly growing all over the world and with my skills in graphics; I will be able to help in the production of these videos. Also, these skills will enable me make commercial videos for organizations wishing to advertise their products, in this way I will be contributing to the increase in productivity of those companies. Being a senior graphic designer will also benefit me in so many ways. The job description would be as follows: I. JOB TITLE/ POSITION • Senior Graphic Designer II. WORKING HOURS The working hours for this job position will be as follows.

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• From 8am to 5pm on Monday all the way to Friday • From 9am to 2pm on Saturday and Sunday • From 9am to 2pm on Holidays III. JOB DESCRIPTION AND RESPONSIBILITIES Graphic design job mainly focuses on printing marketing materials, web marketing and development of websites. IV. QUALIFICATIONS FOR THE JOB POSITION For one to fit in the position of a Senior Graphic Designer, they must have the following qualifications. • Bachelor’s Degree in Graphics Design • Must have completed a published desi project • Leadership and management experience of at least one year. • Must be very creative and innovative • Must have a working experience in the field for at least two years. • Proficiency in Adobe’s Photoshop, InDesign and illustrator software. Another of the most important skills one needs to possess is creative thinking.

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One must be able to creatively convey messages and ideas through text and images. One must also generate solutions for companies or clients creatively say, one might have to promote the mission of a company via a website or design an image that will help in selling of a particular product. Vividly, all these requires one to be a creative thinker and also have creative problem solving skills. • Technology One must have mastered numerous forms of technology in the current world. One must be familiar with particular fonts, and must have knowledge concerning tracking and line-height. • Analytical skills. One must have the ability to have a look at their project from their clients’ pint of view and determine how those clients will perceive the project designs in order to ensure that they communicate the client’s needed message.

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• Artistic ability. One should have the ability to develop designs that are appealing and interesting artistically to the clients. BENEFITS I. Life and Medical II. Short Term and long Term Disability III. Annual medical allowances IV. Vacation V. Performance appraisal will be measured on a scale of 1 to 5 which will in turn be a representation of the annual rise percentage. Calculations of will be done annually on a quarterly basis. This is to mean that they will be calculated using Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scale (BARS) (Griffin 227). III. Performance Appraisal Performance appraisal will be rated and described based on the following: I. II. Whether the holder of this position is a problem solver and is innovative in all way to bring new ideas to the business.

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