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In industries such as entertainment, where tastes and preferences of customers widely vary, the concept of co-creation is very relevant. For a company like Netflix, co-creation is essential for providing individualised experiences to customers and ensuring their satisfaction. Brand Image Brand images are unique for every individual customer. While Hulu and Amazon are trying to compete with Netflix, it is apparent that Netflix is a clear winner in the battle of the streaming services. According to Dias (2018, p. In any brand exposition of Netflix, there are three core elements that a customer sees: The first is a text of some sort (like a famous tagline or movie), the second is a splash of color (mainly red or white), the third is a video or photograph of a “character” (like Frank Underwood, made famous by actor Kevin Spacey).

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In combination, these three core elements make up the Netflix brand image. A customer can easily recognise this image at various mediums and scales; whether it appears on the side of a building or a banner. One point-of-differentiation in Netflix’s brand image is the company’s adoption of the stack in its logo, which makes it clear, easy-to-use, distinctive, and infinitely variable. Furthermore, another points-of-differentiation that enhance the Netflix brand image is the original content in the company’s streaming services and lack of advertisement in the offered shows and movies. The high congruency is due to the fact that I draw satisfaction from using Netflix’s services. As pointed out by (Claiborne, 2015, p. 6) the congruency of an individual’s self-image to the typical brand-users image can be determined by the customer satisfaction, brand loyalty, and customer-brand relationships.

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As such, high brand congruency to the typical brand-users image increases customer satisfaction, customer-brand relationship quality, and the brand loyalty. Brand Attitude In the context of consumer behavior, brand attitude is the inclination to act in a consistent way towards a product or service based opinions and feelings that result from an evaluation of knowledge about the product or service. The company often does this through user-generated content by sharing the experiences of other users to prompt interest in others. Through the informational influence, Netflix gets to inform the potential customers of the quality of services that it offers; hence, influencing the customer’s perception of value. This socio-cultural influence may be unethical where the company sensors some of the expressed customer experiences and only display those that are positive for the company.

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On the normative influence, Netflix banks on the idea that humans have the desire to be liked and accepted. Being the most subscribed to online streaming channel, people naturally want to talk about. One Netflix ritual is associated with the phrase, “I’m going to watch some Netflix. ” This phrase has become part of the customers’ cultural consciousness that nobody says “I’m going to stay home and watch Amazon. ” Due to this ritual, when one is asked about their plans for the night, they are likely to say “I’m going to watch some Netflix. ” Artifacts are any objects used in the ritual. The rituals and artifacts are important in adding the target customer’s value to the company’s services because their prevalence enhances the impression that the service provided by the company is satisfactory.

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