Network Security and Types of Attacks in Network Article Analysis

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According to Pawar and Anuradha, the integrity, availability, and confidentiality are the major elements which an individual or an organization should emphasize on when establishing a secure network. Pawar and Anuradha described the major categories of network attacks which can result to slow network performance. The active attacks, passive attacks, and the advanced attacks are the three major types of attacks which can contribute to uncontrolled traffic as well as slow network performance. The active attacks comprise the spoofing, wormhole, fabrication, denial of service, sinkhole, and Sybil attacks. Examples of passive attacks are the eavesdropping, traffic analysis, and monitoring attacks. Anuradha. Network security and types of attacks in network.  Procedia Computer Science 48 (2015): 503-506. Retrieved from https://ac. els-cdn.

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