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The editorial board feels that the America people are more sensitive and cognizant of this issue and they feel that people tend to support the more common sense of regulating guns. To that of the lawmakers who the author feels are more insensitive to what’s going on in the control of gun aspect to the world, and feels that the way they want to or are doing things is just fine no matter what the people of America feel. So the main argumentative question that is being asked is how we should go about in handling and control of guns and whether it is the way of the people or the way of the law makers in America. In the editorial, the editorial board sides with the people and their perspective of gun control and how the situation should be handled in America (board, 2016).

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The author believes that the people are indeed making more sensible and reliable decisions than the lawmakers. To me, gun control has become the main topic because people are trying to take the correct steps in the right direction, in order to help the situation. And the lawmakers, who I would think would want more guns off the streets, are actually giving more ammunition for those who are unfit to own guns to own guns. When it comes to the subject of gun control I agree with the editorial board on being on the side of the people. According to the editorial board, “the people in Washington State, voters easily passed a universal background check law in 2014 after lawmakers twice refused.

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” This is just another example of how lawmakers are not making a valuable effort to find an answer to the issue of gun control (Kemal, 2018). Another idea is proper training for everyone who owns a gun. Man owners of guns, own them because they are scared and feel that they need their own protection, but a statement that I heard a while back stated that the most dangerous person with a gun is the one who owns it out of fear. What the statement actually means is that a person who has a gun out of fear is extremely dangerous because if an individual is already in fear and has the gun for protection meaning he or she can use any means necessary to ensure he or she remains safe.

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The fear in such people is mostly triggered by false advertisement such as entertainment on television and other media outlets that play a role in forming people views on the world. Gun control is a heavy topic, and rightfully so with the major problems that it has caused in America in recent years. I don't see the justice in having a parent have to bury their child. If we are able to make a difference, why not pursue it? Corruption is everywhere. It's hard to raise awareness for something when you already know your efforts are meaningless. The phrase “We the People” has digressed from its true meaning. Together, we are still weak. The article says it best, “The chamber, which bustled with activity during almost every other speech, was rapt in attention.

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Vote for the bill, Mr. Moskowitz implored his colleagues “This isn’t hard,” Mr. Moskowitz said. “Putting your kid in the ground is hard. Through this topic, I do feel that I have gained a clear summary of the horrible situation we face. The good news is that there are clear steps we can take to significantly improve the situation we are in now. Progress made on other public health issues has required sustained, comprehensive efforts. For example The decline in smoking, the reduction of motor vehicle deaths, and the decreased amount of racism. If we apply the same focus and determination towards fighting gun control, we will have a better environment for our children. Injury epidemiology, 12. Matthews, S. Unpacking heat: dueling identities and complex views on gun control among rural police.

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