Police violence against African American in the United States of America

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Diversity and inclusion is an important element in protecting and safeguarding vulnerable individuals and by advocating for appropriate inclusion such as gender and race the goals on social justice and integrations are achieved but in the united state this is contrary to the ordinary expectations thus the necessity to investigate on the causes of brutality against people of different color (Adler, 2015). Police brutality is an illegal use of force against civilians through assault and battery, torture, mayhem and murder. The types of police brutality can be as much as false arrests and forms of mistreatment such as intimidation and verbal abuse. In the United States, almost all races, classes, genders and ages have at one point been victims of police brutality.

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For instance, in the 19th and 20th century the poor and working class whites experienced police discrimination from the northern cities of the United States. This situation gave rise to unlimited physical assault and excessive force handling of the blacks. The police violence extended to threats, verbal abuse, and sexual assault especially on women and police homicides. The police brutality against African American remained unexposed, since the large-city newspaper, whose primary readers were whites, regarded news about the blacks worthless to the whites (Worden, 2015). According to Hough (2018) there are so many allegations that the police are using excessive force especially with people of other races. The African- Americans in this case are victim of encounter by the white policemen and are killed on racial basis.

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As a result, it is clear that so many black Americans die in the hands of the police officers than any other group of people due to discrimination due to their color. If there was adequate and reliable information on the deaths of African Americans, it can serve as a proof for seeking justices and calling for mass demonstrations to fight for the rights of the blacks. The challenge remains that the extent of police brutality to people of race is extremely difficult to quantify (Barkan,Bintliff and Whisner, 2015). Police brutality dates back in the time of slavery when police used to discipline black slaves who attempted to escape and there were no means to quantify those who were killed. The current technology offers sufficient ability to record police killing Black people in the United States for purpose of scrutiny and analysis by the public in order to aim in decision making and pressing for effecting reforms in the various concerned departments.

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For every event of police brutal actions there are emotional and psychological consequences on the victims and the minority communities. The black communities in this regard perceive that they are always the harassment target of the police whereby they are subject to unwarranted searches, and their death by the hands of law enforcement officers is an indication that they are not people but police property that is disposable and one that deserve no justice or dignity (Adler,2015). Fryer (2018) suggests a number of ways that police brutality can be reduced if not eliminated. He proposes that there should be mandatory and regular psychological counseling appointments for all the law enforcing agents because of stressful and damaging situation which they undergo in their daily duties.

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In some instances, the police officers tend to be psychologically affected by matters beyond the line of job such as family issues which also contribute to domestic violence. This is known to impair their judgment and there is a serious need to control drug usage in the criminal justice department by frequently testing for drug use such as steroids which lifts the level of aggressiveness resulting in violence acts. Police officers who are found to be drugs user should undergo rehabilitation programs to determine the cause of engagement and they should be assisted in resolving the issues that lead to such dangerous act. When police officers are under the influence of drugs and still carrying their deadly weapons they become a threat to the members of the society and the fellow officers.

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Brutality can be combated by adequate representation of the black community in the police department. The police department should not be entirely hiring only white but should also engage a substantial number of blacks so that they can represent their communities. In a study about job attitudes in 2002, the male police officers are eight times likely to have complains and allegations for use of excess force on civilians as compared to the women. Female police officers are kwon to emphasize on empathy and communication in their day to day interactions with the communities they serve and therefore they are well rated during evaluation of duty performance with fewer complaints (Nicholson‐Crotty, Sean and Sergio, 2017). Works cited Adams, Heidi K. "Sovereignty, safety, and security: Tribal governments under the Stafford and homeland security acts.

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