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There are several reasons why online shopping has become so popular among consumers today. To begin with, it enables me to look for products I need, and later on, end up buying them. Personally, I prefer e-commerce to other means of shopping because in online shopping I am not am required to make long lines, therefore, end up avoiding large crowds. The apparent reason why I shop online is that with online, it is straightforward to compare the price of commodities in different stores before settling on which one to buy. It does not only saves the time involved by literally moving from one store to the other but also saves on costs. Also, the use smartphones have greatly facilitated the means by which I conduct my payments.

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For instance, I use the following methods of payment during different occasions, example, credit card, wallet payments, and crypto-currency means. Technology has enhanced the use of online shopping experience by the regular push notifications that they send me on informing concerning the availability of new products in the market and changes in prices. Remarkably this has fostered my trust in the company. The adoption of information technology in online shopping business is a tremendous move which ensures that I have relevant information on products. Mostly, when I am buying items online, the first thing that comes to my mind is the price of the commodities available. Fortunately, my value as a customer has is approved by the discounts I have been getting on products exceeding a certain amount of money (lee 2003).

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Recently, I bought a watch worth fourteen dollars from Amazon in which I got a 10% discount. On another occasion, I happened to buy a few items on Amazon which I was supposed to pay on credit terms. Amazingly, it took me very little time to acquire the commodities. Notably, the customer satisfaction experienced in amazon positively impacted me by convincing me to want to purchase more items from Amazon shortly. It merely boosted my esteem towards amazon’s expectations. According to research, customers satisfaction plays a significant role in the amount of revenue a customer is likely to benefit a business. Customer loyalty The most significant factor that would make me want to shop again at Amazon has a close relation to the speed involved in acquiring an item that is too sensitive.

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