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It also examines how the restaurant’s operation is affected by these factors. Issues in Food Production 1. Issues in food production The restaurant business aims at providing the consumer with quality services that include food and drinks (Ninemeier, 2000). In the restaurant industry there are a couple of issues that stand in the way of effective food production and they include a factor like food safety and traceability whereby the need for a functional quality management may come in handy. This provides the restaurant with a protection program that makes the foods and beverages served fit for consumption therefore avoiding cases such as poisoning. The human relation theory can help solve this problem since it believes that the employees are a core factor in successful management and that empowering them through forging an empowering environment for the workers and giving them a chance to enjoy their work allows them to produce exceptional performance (Hersey, 2007).

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Issues of management are bound to be eliminated if only there is a strong relationship between the management and the employees and an enabling environment that motivates the employees to work harder. The restaurants can also fail since managers may fail to put into consideration market trends therefore making it lose its relevance in the market. The managers can stay informed and do their research in order to ensure growth of the restaurants in line with market trends. Communication Issues at the Work Place and with Customers Communication is an essential part of day to day activities and without it in a work environment nothing can be achieved. The way one deals with consumer complaints is important in gauging whether or not the consumer will dine in the restaurant business (Ramphal, 2016).

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The complaints could rise due to a variety of reasons for example the product or service provided not reaching the expectations set by the consumer. The consumers hope that their complaints are listened to and taken care of promptly in order to ensure they are satisfied (Ramphal, 2016). The second issue that may arise as complaints from customers is the issue of negative health implications that the restaurant food can have on customers for example food poisoning. When dealing with complaints it is important that one understands the models of customer satisfaction and apply them promptly in the case scenario (Ramphal, 2016). When designing supply chain design it is important for the management to consider tied-up capital to ensure that the capital used up by supply chain is realistic (Liu & Ding, 2014).

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The supply chain should have the ability to easily adapt in the changing market since this will allow the restaurant to easily deal with market demands. Supply chain can carry out activities that can impact the environment around it and this would pose as a threat to energy consumption, emission of harmful gases and noise (Liu & Ding, 2014). Issues in Delivery There is a growing demand on the delivery of food by restaurants in order to make purchase of food more efficient and convenient. The new trend has forced most restaurant businesses to innovate and come up with ways to provide these services be it on their own or through the use of third party (Burgh, 2009). However waste management has been a great issue especially as a threat to the environment.

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The systems of waste disposal from restaurants be it solid waste or liquid waste impacts the environment. According to S. K Singh it is estimated that 18,000 tons of carbon emissions are generated by restaurants or other food related players (Singh, Soni & Lamba, 2014). Restaurants that are found in major towns have difficulty in the waste disposal areas and they therefore end up polluting water catchment areas. E.  Management of organizational behavior (Vol. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice hall. Park, C. Whan, Deborah J.  Journal of Managerial Issues, 99-115. Drucker, P. F.  People and performance: The best of Peter Drucker on management. Routledge.  Management of food and beverage operations. Jordana, J. Traditional foods: challenges facing the European food industry.  Food Research International, 33(3-4), 147-152.

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