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It became a very strong group and was able to carry out terrorist attacks in Israel and across the Lebanese border (Martens et al. The government of Israel was really against this organization and sought at all time to get rid of its members and arrest them. This is because the attacks that were being done were really severe to the country at large (Becker, 2014). The success of the attacks by the group was possible because of laying down the best strategies and taking time to survey the area of attack and planning well where and how everything will be carried out. The History and Development of Palestine Liberation Front According to Jenkins (2015), in the mid-1970s, Palestine Liberation Front was able to break away from PFLP-GC.

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A short while after the attack was done the central committee of PLF met and made a resolution for them to use all means that were possible to restore the glory that they had before and to stick to the role that they had when it came to the struggle and resistance using its military. While in Lebanon, PLF engaged in the incipient civil war alongside the forces of PLO (Robinson, 2016). It engaged itself most of the time in conducting the border raids against Israeli when they at the same time were trying to take a hostage in their operation. Most of the attacks that they carried out were not as notorious as those carried out by other Palestinian militant groups when categorized in terms of ubiquity and savagery.

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This organization attracted the attention of the world as they were moving along the Mediterranean while carrying out most of their attacks. This is a clear indication that they were rebels. The organization trained its members using very hard and difficult methods because the attacks that were to be carried out were very murderous thus dangerous to cause the death of those attacked. Leadership, strength, and philosophy The Palestinian Liberation Front was under the leadership of Muhammad Ahmad Fahd Abbas (Gerner, 2018). Under his leadership, most of the terrorist attacks were murderous. An example is an attack that was for the purpose of murdering a disabled US citizen which the government of the United States thought was a form of threatening them (Gerner, 2018).

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The attack was done against the Israeli Defense Forces patrol in which the soldiers had minor injuries (Gerner, 2018). After claiming this attack, the group continued to establish and maintain a strong presence in the refugee camps in Gaza, Syria, and Lebanon. The murder that took place in 1985 was an indication of the highest point of the activities that were carried out by PLF and thus its decline. Despite the attacks that they have been carrying out, there are some of them which are considered to be major and include the attack on the Italian cruise ship Achille Lauro that took place in 1985. The attack that was against an Israeli military bus in Huwarah, Israel and the attack that involved a brigade of the organization which was firing against an Israeli settler south of the Hebron Mountain that seriously left most of the people heavily wounded and the attack conducted on May 1990 that was on Israel’s Nizanim beach.

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