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By doing this, it is then a process of creating an environment that allows the employees to work to their best capacities. This paper therefore, focuses on an ideal performance management system that I would implement HR for ABC Limited Company. Keywords: Performance management, employee review, performance planning, company goals Performance Management System Introduction An ideal performance management system is one that is exhaustive, comprehensive, practical, reliable, meaningful, ethical, open and correctable among other qualities. Also, the whole process of managing performance will be a continuous process comprising or training and worker development. Therefore, the system will serve a company by developing competent and satisfied workers who are actively involved in helping the firm to attain their strategic objectives, mission and vision.

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These particular strategies emanate from the company’s mission statement and vision. The performance management system, if efficiently done, will combine individual and organizational goals so that all the parties work towards attaining the same goal (Bacal & McGraw-Hill Companies, 2012). An extra advantage can be gained from the performance management plan since it serves to safeguard employee involvement in the organizational goals. At ABC Limited Company, the organizational purpose, mission and vision are modified to effectively serve these set goals. Organizational Purpose ABC Limited Company, a beverage company is committed to benefit and refresh the clients. d. The worker’s growth needs must also be considered in the aim setting course. Development objectives can be considered either to upgrade the existing job performance or even making preparations for job progression.

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For instance, objectives for a worker may be: • Increase sales by 20% • Finish task “A” in time “B” • Fruitfully mentor worker “A” to develop skill “B” Therefore, the results are measured with regards to the set goals of the organization and expectations of the employees. Performance Appraisal Performance appraisal is a periodic and systematic process done to evaluate employee’s job performance and effectiveness with respect to some pre-determined standards and set objectives and goals (BHATTACHARYYA, D. Some of these attributes include organizational employee behavior, strengths, achievements, weaknesses and the possibility for future growth and development. According to Solomon & American Society for Training and Development (2009) the below methods should be designed to collect performance appraisal data: personnel, objective production, as well as the judgmental assessment.

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The six regularly utilized approaches are the judgmental assessments as they have a big variety of evaluation methods. ABC Limited Company does its yearly performance appraisal so that I can identify the production units vis a vis the time taken by the employees to complete their individual tasks. Other companies on the other hand do performance appraisals bi-annually, while other do so in short-cycles of weekly and bi-weekly durations (Bacal & McGraw-Hill Companies, 2012). Compensation Compensation is a primary element that must be considered when any organization thinks of enhancing organizational success. When an employee is well compensated for their time and labor, they feel inspired and motivate to work towards the organizations goals and objectives. Therefore, one major factor that ABC Limited Company does is to compensate the employees appropriately, offer bonuses and rewards.

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By doing this, the employee-management relationship grows and the employees get the motivation to work extra hard and to perform as per or above the set standards. Therefore, ABC Limited Company ought to compensate, reward and even offer bonuses to the employees. Appeal process In many instances, not all employees are satisfied by the performance results. And it is specifically because of this fact that an appeal process is normally initiated for those employees or managers feeling like the appraisal process were unfair or just focused on their weaknesses instead of on their general capabilities. ABC Limited Company therefore applies an appeal process that is timed (for instance the process would be set to start a day after the release of the appraisal results, and ending after a fortnight).

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The employees will have the opportunity to appeal the decisions of the performance appraisal team. Employee Development Considerations Employee development considerations are all about helping the employees to have a positive career and professional growth with respect to the company’s vision and mission. By doing all this, the company will be rest assured of its productivity. Beyond just the yearly performance assessment, performance management is the constant procedure of setting goals, appraising progress and giving continuous teaching and feedback in order to make sure the workforces are attaining their job goals. We can also not assume the fact that performance management system tries to eliminate the need for employee assessments, performance appraisals and employee reviews. By doing this, it is then a process of creating an environment that allows the employees to work to their best capacities.

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