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https://books. google. co. ke/books?hl=en&lr=&id=4h8ru4r0J1AC&oi=fnd&pg=PP1&dq=Barker,+E. +The+political+thought+of+Plato+and+Aristotle. According to Barker, there is different between these philosophers on the political view. For instance, he argues that according to Plato, in order to attain a perfect outcome from the government, each and every individual in the country must subjugate his or her own interest towards the society. On the views of the other, the elites should be the one to lead the less fortunate for a proper undertaking of the roles of the government. Barker Ernest does not give more details on the comparison and other philosophical views of Aristotle and Plato for his research outline more on the political view.

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Therefore, this research offers a context for discussing the philosophical views of Aristotle and Plato. The author gives an example of the Aristotle and Plato’s opinion which is now considered as invalid is their opinion on the slavery. He has outlined some cases where some philosophical work of these philosophers is unchallengeable. For instance, many scientists and historians have found out that some theories and philosophies developed by Aristotle are an obstacle to scientific progress and were so complete such that no one could challenge them. He figures out that the ancient philosophers used some word which was so hard to change hence becoming a hindrance to the progress of that specific field. For example, Aristotle used the word ‘final work’ hence bringing a meaning that according to his observation and conclusion are the final and unchallengeable.

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They have outlined in details about the same issues in which the two philosophers agreed on. They have discussed theories of both Plato and Aristotle which are similar although some variation in the theories. These authors have found out that the two philosophers have agreed that knowledge must be something which is real and therefore an individual should be able to apply the knowledge acquired in the class of from another source in his or her day today's life. Therefore, both philosophers have agreed that knowledge is real. The authors conclude that there are more differences compared to similarities in the philosophical view of Aristotle and Plato. The authors have outlined extensively on the social context about the discussion on the philosophical views of these philosophers.

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According to these authors, Plato’s work relies on the concepts than the actual applications and focuses more on the mathematics, geometry, physics and there is also a few aspects of biology. On the other hand, Aristotle is considered to be the first scientist. Therefore his work relies more on the creation of scientific methods, therefore, observing the universe and drawing a conclusion on bases of what has been observed. Aristotle’s work focuses more on the explanation of the contemporary ideas rather than the insights. https://link. springer. com/chapter/10. 1007/978-3-319-72761-5_29 Ruhloff J research offers a detailed discussion on the philosophical viewpoint of Plato and Aristotle. The author has outlined more on these philosophers view on the ethics and other views.

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