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Police brutality is associated with the difference in race, religion and the socioeconomic status. Even though police brutality is perceived to be just a cause of physical harm, it also extends to causing psychological harm by the use of tactics of intimidation that are beyond the powers and regulations of the official procedures that the police are required to abide by. Initially, the people who were involved in police brutality were expected to act such but with formal approval of the legal personnel especially during the movements for the civil rights. Currently, the people or officials who may commit such have the freedom of doing the same just with tacit clearance from the respective supervisors or such officers may be rogue.

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Irrespective of the case, the police officials are capable of perpetuating the scenes within the protection of the law and therefore find cover-ups for their illegal actions. Finding out the possible solutions to police brutality Literature Review Causes of police brutality and racism 1. Failure of various departments to provide enough and related training concerning peaceful solutions. Most departments fail to train police officers in the right way of handling matters rather than the violent way (Gilligan, 2018, p. Due to lack of the necessary skills of problem-solving among the police officers, most of them resolve to actions that are beyond their powers to punish suspects or criminal of a given scene. In addition, from the recent researches, it is confirmed that many police officers fail to distinguish the rules that govern movement and operations of the human being and even the animals such as pets.

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At the federal level, an approximately ninety-six per cent of the police misconduct concerning brutality that is referred for prosecutions is often declined by the respective prosecutors due to what they claim to be pressure from the heads of the police departments. That is, the head of police departments always protect the police officers against the wrongs that they do concerning the use of excessive force on the civilians. Settlements for the victims are shared among the taxpayers The settlements and compensation for the civilians that are brutalised by the officers are imposed on the general public tax system thus the police officers are not liable to such fines alone (Maher, n. d. , p. The low economic background may give the opportunity for the officers to harshly handle the civilians since the civilians lack strong financials backups to file and process their cases within the relevant authorities for appropriate actions.

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A good example is racial discrimination by the police officers in the United States on the Africans based on their colour and inability to defend themselves before the relevant authorities headed by the whites. Furthermore, some policies give the police officers loopholes for surviving with the cases of brutality. A good example is the adoption of stop and frisk policy in the public places like that mainly targeted the black people in the United States. The police officers used the systems to illegally harass the blacks while sparing the white at all stopping points. The militarization of the police In the last decades, the police officials are increasingly militarised. For instance in the United States, the push for gun control, there was a target to clear all the war weapons out of the streets of the United States of America.

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However, it was realised that the local police were frequently equipped with excessively powerful weapons illegally ("Student Perspectives: Police Brutality," 2017, p. Again Many police departments had mentally inculcated the slogan of the police versus the civilians, towards the people they to serve. Even though possessing weapons may not automatically cause misconduct, some of the police officers some police offers sometimes overreact and use the guns to intimidate the civilians. Strong policies should be formulated and implemented that highlights severe consequences to the police officers who may be found applying excessive force on the civilians beyond the powers outlined in the law (Tranmer, 2013, p. Since lack of proper consequences is one of the factors that promote police brutality, there is the need for the relevant authorities to come up with appropriate policies that would make sure the police officers are directly charged with the consequences of brutality.

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