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This case study presents a case of five law enforcement officers who went against their professional role forming a gang of civilians to conduct criminal activities. To investigate a series of felonies committed by a gang of ten individuals, Atlanta, Clayton and Riverdale Police Departments collaborated with Fulton and Fayette County Sheriff’s Departments. Among the arrested criminals, five were local enforcement officers. The five SWAT team members who were among the gang that conducted crimes throughout 1992 to 1993 included Fulton County Deputy William Moclaire, Atlanta police officers Eric Hagan and Brett Morrill, Riverdale police officers Jim Batsel and Mark McKenna. The case study focuses on Jim Batsel According to the case study, Jim Batsel started working as a police officer in 1986 at Tyrone Police Department where the department considered him a good, sincere and enthusiastic officer.

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Apart from that, personality played a part in making these officers engage in criminal behavior. For instance, Jim Batsel had personal desires that resulted in him changing from a proper police officer to a criminal. Actually, these officers were not destined to be corrupt. For example, Jim Batsel was initially a reasonable police officer who was considered a sincere and enthusiastic about his job when he joined the police force. It is influence from colleagues that prompts such officers to engage in corruption. Also, the department should enforce strict policy of restricting off-duty officers from carrying guns or other police equipment unless licensed. If the department could have been severe on officers using weapons and equipment for wrong reasons, Jim Batsel and his colleague could not found camouflaging in SWAT clothing and equipment.

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In addition to that, training facilities should be improved to help officers efficiently train within the department without necessarily going to work out in the streets. I will recommend police department to incorporate accountability systems to ensure that their personnel are operating in a fair and legal manner. To improve the department, I would implement accountability mechanisms. Besides, ethics ensures that police officers do not engage in offensive behavior and also promote respect for superior officers within individual department. Ethics ensures that officers perform their routine duties correctly. Honestly, this could never happen to me. As a police officer, I will keep in mind that I have taken an oath of office to protect, uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States.

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