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Therefore, "Porters Five Forces" is an effective and well-known model applied to analyze competition based on five detailed categories in order to reveal market insight. With Porter’s Five Forces model the study explores how these five specific factors will be used to determine whether Postmates Company will be a success in consideration of other food delivery services in the Australian industry such as UberEats, Deliveroo, Menulog, Foodora, among other competitors. With this model, it is easy to comprehend all the competitive forces and the industry structure Postmates Company is about to venture for well-informed decision making. Based on Porter's model, these five competition forces include; "Competitive rivalry, the power of suppliers, the power of customers, threat of Substitution and threat of new entrants.

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” These competitive forces are important because they reveal current specific profitability roots in the industry while creating a path for Postmates Company to influence and anticipate competition over time upon joining the market. 5 million users with 500 riders to keep up with the deliveries (Elmas, 2018). Menulog is also pushing to introduce new services based on online ordering and delivery and its aim is to catch the attention of more customers and restaurants to its market share. According to Menulog Australian online food market is on a large growth and the aim is to maximize these opportunities (The Australian Financial Review, 2018). This is a good chance for Postmates Company to introduce its services in Australia by strategically attracting the growing population for future profit growth.

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Postmates Company has the advantage of introducing quality foods, new prices and new modes of effective delivery, especially in long distances to grow its customer base. In this case, the competition in the food delivery industry in Australia is taking over based on its rate of growth and online purchasing power services (The Australian Financial Review, 2018). This means that with a strategic plan, Postmates Company has an opportunity of introducing its services in this industry since its growth is promising from the level of competition of companies in this market currently. This means that the company has a chance of making profits upon understanding the Australian customers and their demand and the gaps the available competitors have not been able to fill.

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Threat of Substitutes Based on “Porter’s Five Forces Model” this force connects with how easy it is for customers to shift from one service or business to that of the competitor. This entails the consideration of the competitors involved, the quality of services, and the prices compared to the business under examination. This is due to the product difference, scale economy, and capital demand that act against some of the existing business.  Ethics, Social Responsibility and Sustainability Issues to Consider Ethics in Australia revolves around fair treatment and honest in the business and also the respect for privacy and individuality. Ethical business habits require that one become upfront and rating someone based on skills and actions and not the ranks.

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