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The police department can rely on the press release to create awareness among the public on what actually happened in the grocery store parking lot that morning. The press release would further indicate that the police department will hold a televised media conference to release the video of what actually happened. The press release is beneficial because it will have a wide coverage. Since there is already public concern and outcry, involving the media is the sure way of capturing their attention in a way that can yield positive results for the police department. The other communication genre to utilize at this moment would be a televised media conference. For this reason, it is one of the genres of communication which has to be utilized.

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The video of the incident can be posted on all the official social media sites of the police department. Therefore, those who have not accessed it from the website can get it from these sites. The police department will use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The posts will allow any viewers to share the video in their own social media accounts. The report will have the date it was written, name, and title of the person writing it at the top. The title of the report will also be given on bold. Then, the description of the event will be given in details. The false information that the public has will be highlighted against what actually happened. The steps taken to ensure that the public has the right information will be given.

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Having a persuasive message will make the public think that the police department is not telling the truth. Instead, the leadership should allow the truth to persuade the public. Since the video was obtained from the grocery, and it shows the police officer was justified, this should be the focus of the leadership. The stakeholders and the public in general should only be persuaded to look at the video and draw their conclusions afterwards. However, some low level of persuasion is still necessary. Unfortunately, there is no prudent way of dealing with those who spread the false information by word of mouth. There are certain differing concerns of both internal and external communication since the success of releasing the video depends on both types of communication.

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One concern cuts across the two, that is, whether or not the information on the released video is believed. It is important that officers at the police department believe the information to be true just as much as it is for the general public. The other similar concern is the reaction that will result from having a look at the video. Also, the comments from the news segments on media houses and articles in magazines will be reviewed. Any comments and suggestions which may better the operation of the will be taken into consideration. References Kietzmann, J.  H. , Hermkens, K. , & Dang-Xuan, L. Emotions and Information Diffusion in Social Media—Sentiment of Microblogs and Sharing Behavior.  Journal of Management Information Systems, 29(4), 217-248.

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