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Having understood an overview of TPG Telecom Limited’s background, it is essential to understand the firm’s context for the business problem. The business problem is that of decline in the company’s market share. This problem is illustrated by Thompson, MacDonald, and Moullakis (2017) in the Financial review where the authors demonstrate that market share increase for TPG Telecom are no longer a given. As noted by Thompson et al. (2017), TPG Limited’s problem exists because its shares decreased by approximately 55% since 2016 for 12 months until 2017. These aspects are viewed as both mediating and moderating variables. For instance, a firm’s marketing efforts have a direct effect on its market share. However, these factors are not the only elements which influence the industry’s performance.

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For example, brand awareness is an element which influences market share. Imprinting a certain service or product on the minds of consumers may increase a company’s market share as a result of increased sales. The attention of consumers grows challenging to capture and retain. In addition, clients encounter overwhelming decisions between prices and quality of products and services. This means that customer service has become a battlefield on which successful firms engage to differentiate themselves from each other. Continued harnessing and structuring of customer service processes take a positive move towards maintaining good service (Kumar & Reinartz, 2018). The customer service-profit chain creates connections between employee satisfaction, loyalty, productivity, and customer loyalty. iii). Lack of appropriate customer service decrease an organization’s market share.

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There are various theories which underpin the above hypotheses and conceptual model. For example, the customer service theory focuses on identification and satisfaction of customer needs and exceeding of their expectations. The aspect of brand awareness is influenced by symbolic interactionism theory (Nilsson & Ballantyne, 2014). In the past 4 months, where have you seen or heard about TPG Limited? Social media Television advertisement Billboards Friends, colleagues, and family members Company website 10. How familiar are you with TPG Telecom? Not at all familiar Not so familiar Somehow familiar Very familiar Extremely familiar 11. How would you describe your overall opinion about TPG Telecom as a brand? I have never heard of the brand Not at all favorable Not so favorable Somewhat favorable Very favorable Extremely favorable 12.

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How would you describe your overall opinion about customer service at TPG Telecom? Poor Fair Good Very Excellent 13. How likely would you recommend TPG Telecom to a friend or a colleague? Not at all Likely Likely 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Rationale for using the Questionnaire The rationale for using the questionnaire is that it is structured to obtain information from multiple individuals in a short period. In this context, scalability refers to the ability to collect data from a broad audience. Due to this, the questionnaire is useful in how it covers different aspects of TPG Telecom’s organizational problem of declining market share. Neuman (2016), asserts that specific control variables may affect the efficiency of the questionnaire as data collection tool. For instance, poorly written questions may present a confusing element to the respondents.

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In this case, ambiguous prompts make it difficult for individuals to provide proper responses. Besides, these individuals use Internet services. As a result, they are appropriately suited to provide information about the aspects of customer service and brand awareness and how these factors influence their decisions when seeking Internet and mobile phone service providers. Among the individuals aged 25 to 45 years, the sample selected will be 30 individuals (15 females and 15 males). This will ensure that gender parity does not exist during the data collection process. In this context, the sampling approach that will be used is the simple random sampling technique. The approach is also efficient because the respondents are not widely dispersed across different geographical regions. The method will enhance efficiency because the administrator is present to clarify working and probe for more details from the respondent.

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The major drawback of using this approach in administering the questionnaire is that the respondents are less likely to provide honest responses to sensitive prompts (Duncan & Fiske, 2015). Time might also be a constraint to the administer. Nevertheless, given that the sample is manageable, it will take a considerably less time to meet all the respondents and administer the questionnaire. Afterward, a frequency distribution will be developed to identify if the scores have been entered appropriately and identify the spread across the various scores. Data will also be presented regarding percentage distribution. The tabulated data will be used to filter results to facilitate statistical significance of data. Ethical Implications of the Research Certain ethical implications exist in the research. Despite the challenging ethical issues in the research, they have to be dealt with appropriately.

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