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The lecturer was helpful in helping elaborate and breaks down points; there were group and class discussions that provided further insight on how I viewed the role of communication in the different aspects of the human life. The class material helped deepen the understanding that I had on specific issues that will be discussed further in this reflective essay. Also, it acted as a learning platform where I was able to garner new knowledge. In addition to that, the class discussion helped d me view my personality from the perspective of other people. It also provided a chance for me to learn the different ways that people perceive and interpret things. For example, my sister loves singing and hope to be a musician, none day she uploaded a song on YouTube and asked for my opinion.

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I told her that I did not like the song and that the video would not get many likes. She cried a lot, and since then, she has not uploaded another video. I must have used the wrong words in the given situation. Next time, I will consider her emotion, appreciate that she invested energy resource and time in making the video and be easy with my truth. Interpersonal Communication The course enlightened me about how leadership has the magnitude shape the culture, peace, and harmonious co-existence in the family. I learned that lack of defined leadership in a family set- up can lead to a chaotic family that lacks routine and direction regarding goals. On the other hand, an authoritative family reduces the chances of self-expression among family members.

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As a person, I am very authoritative, and I like things to happen my way. The lecturer too us through some of the consequences of this type of leadership and I felt the urge to make some adjustments to my leadership style. Since I always seem to have an answer to every problem that prevails at home, I leaned that I take up the computer role. This is something that I am not willing to change since it has helped resolve several conflicts. As a leader, it will be an added advantage since I will always be there for my teammates and help in overcoming challenges. People say that my self-esteem is high and now, that I know better, I attribute this to my role in the family (Notes, chapter11).

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As a child, I would never fathom why my parents were keen on ensuring that we remained close and in harmony with my siblings. On the other hand, I was contemptuous in relationships where I was the giver all the time and where I felt like I was not getting enough compensation. For example, I would rather visit a friend who will make me laugh and engaged all through my visit rather than a friend where I am the one to start conversations. Also, since I get bored easily, people with personalities that differ from me are always candidates for friendship. As a child, I used to think that I was weird. People also said that I was too choosy and a snob because I just would not associate with everyone.

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